How is (evaluative) knowledge around Gender constructed and used/utilized ...

Dear all I’m finalizing an article about the use of evaluative meta-theory to improve gender programming. I’m particularly interested in knowing:

  • How in our field (evaluative) knowledge around gender is constructed (dominating stances, methodologies etc..)
  • How constructed knowledge is then used/utilized to improve gender programming. Here I’m particularly interested in listing all major platforms (virtual or physical) globally / but also regionally ( Africa being the focus here) where Gender/Feminist Evaluation (Trainings, Evaluative Results, Fora) is discussed.

I know about virtual platforms such as , or the UNWOMEN website, are there more platforms of practitioners /gender policy makers? Physical platforms /events?

The deadline for the article is this Friday, hence any hint/information would be greatly appreciated, Huge  thanks in advance

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Issues for SDGs: women and girls with disabilities:

Women Enabled International:

International Network of Women With Disabilities:

Women Enabled will be at the CSW in March

 I was busy doing on the article hence the late reply. I did know about AWID but not about the others, very interesting ressources. They are referenced, Thanks Ranjani,

Thank you Eileen

Dear Anne

Interesting question

You may like to look at:

AWID website

IWRAW Global and Asia pacific which has interesting posts on substantive and formal eduality



Best regards



Sorry Anne for my late response I have been travelling. But I have some papers on my blog: 

In particular the one headed"the Epistemology of intersectionality" would be of use to you. Best, Yvette


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