The purpose of this request for expressions of interest is to provide the background, qualifications as well as scope of work / key deliverables for consultant to support through (co-)facilitation / coaching the implementation of the AF-TERG work programme, with a focus on work processes, organization development and team development.

Scope of Work

The Technical Evaluation Reference Group of the Adaptation Fund (AF-TERG) is an independent evaluation advisory group, accountable to the Board, established to ensure the independent implementation of the Fund’s evaluation framework. Specifically, the TERG will provide a) evaluation function, b) advisory function, and c) oversight function.

The AF-TERG recently completed two milestones; (1) its first multi-year strategy and work programme and budget was approved by the Adaptation Fund Board, and (2) it embarked on a forward-looking reflection exercise to identify areas for improvement regarding team performance and organizational development.

The goal of the assignment is to support the AF-TERG through facilitated discussions / hands-on support in (1) planning and executing the implementation of the approved work programme, and (2) a continued team performance and organizational development coaching process.


The successful candidate will be offered a short-term consultancy position covering fiscal year 2021 from the start of contracting, following the World Bank rules, for up to 45 working days.


The specific qualifications and experience required are:

  • Implementation planning experience: (1) A strong record of at least 12 years’ experience in guiding and planning implementation processes at progressively increasing levels;
  • Implementation planning experience: (2) At least 8 years’ recent experience in the facilitation of such processes.
  • Organizational development experience: (1) A strong record of at least 12 years’ experience in facilitating organizational development and team performance processes;
  • Organizational development experience: (2) Technical competence in organizational development, change management, and team leadership.
  • Team dynamics experience: (1) Recent experience facilitating team dynamics discussions;
  • Team dynamics experience: (2) Recent experience related to conflict resolution / conflict management as part of team dynamics discussions.
  • Institutional experience: (1) Extensive knowledge and experience on HR and operational provisions of multilateral institutions (World Bank Group preferred),
  • Institutional experience: (2) Knowledge and experience on climate fund institutions (policies, governance, and accounting – Global Environment Facility or Adaptation Fund preferred);

Desirable qualifications are:

  • Design thinking: Experience in using the five stages in the design thinking process as proposed by the Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (; empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test;
  • Design thinking: Experience in using Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats model, or a comparable model;
  • Organizational development: Experience in using and applying SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), or SOAR (strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results), or SCORE (strengths, challenges / capabilities needed, options, responses / results and effectiveness) analysis to feed into continuous improvement processes, or comparable tool;
  • Team dynamics: Experience in using Lencioni’s five disfunctions of a team (also known as Lencioni’s trust pyramid), , or comparable assessment tool, as a mini-diagnostic tool to pinpoint to team performance deficiencies;
  • Strong information and communications technology (ICT) and online facilitation skills and experience through online meeting tools (like Webex or Zoom).

Submission requirements

Interested consultants are hereby invited to send their expression of interest – expressing how their background fits the required qualifications and how they would plan to tackle the tasks laid out in the Terms of Reference – together with an up-to-date curriculum vitae to with “AF-TERG Secretariat WP Imp and OD STC” in the subject line.

Note that we would accept proposals for two consultants tackling the tasks as laid out here, as long as the expression of interest would provide both CVs, discussion on fit, and would clearly outline which tasks would be tackled by which one of the two consultants and the split up of days across the two consultants. In such cases the original ToR would be split in two individual ToRs with the two consultants both being hired as individual contracts.

There is no fixed closure date for this request for expressions of interest. It will remain open until a suitable candidate has been identified. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a follow-up online or telephone interview. For any clarification concerning this communication, please contact the above email address. We are happy to provide clarification on the terms of reference if needed.

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