The practice of Feminist Evaluation

The volume deepens understanding on the theory and practice of feminist evaluation highlighting the importance and relevance of connectedness while intervening the inequitable systems & social norms. Authors : Rajib Nandi & Ratna M. Sudarshan 

Request for case studies on good practices for gender-responsive and climate-smart agriculture (CSA)

One CGIAR and FAO are currently compiling a compendium of good practices and promising approaches for gender-responsive and climate-smart agriculture (CSA).

In organizing the compendium, we are interested in gathering relevant case studies/project and program examples that have demonstrated good practices in the following areas:

-Gender-responsive CSA Adoption and Benefits

-Gender-responsive CSA Policy

-Gender-responsive Climate Information Services (CIS)

-Gender-responsive Climate Finance

If you have potential case studies in these areas, we would highly appreciate if you could share the relevant materials with the lead consultant for the global compendium, Dr. Katie Tavenner by January 14, 2022.

Thanks so much in advance!

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