UN Women Training Manual “Building Gender Responsive and Transformative National Evaluation Capacity"

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to share with you the UN Women Training Manual “Building Gender Responsive and Transformative National Evaluation Capacity”. It results from a collaboration with the Africa Centre for Transformative and Inclusive Leadership (ACTIL) and Evalgender+. The training curriculum was successfully tested during a pilot training in Nov 2015 with participants from Egypt, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda.

The Training Manual is particularly relevant in the context of the current discussion on localizing SDGs calling for effective and inclusive M&E systems at national level that support countries evaluate their SDGs from an equity & gender-responsive perspective. It also responds to 2014 UN resolution A/RES/69/237 “Building capacity for evaluation of development activities at the country level”.

Thank you to all colleagues who have contributed to developing and piloting this Training Manual. Please don’t hesitate to ask for questions.

Best regards,

Caspar Merkle
Regional Evaluation Specialist
UN Women Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa
Nairobi, Kenya

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thank you so much it is very useful

Thank you very much. Send it to the group of feminist evaluation APROEVAL in Spain

Best regard

Isabel Soriano

Great clear Training manual. Just wondering where to find the link of the PowerPoints, and other handouts needed to make it a real success.

Dear Miep and colleagues,

Thanks for the feedback on the Training Manual. Maybe to explain there are between 8-15 powerpoints and handouts for every training day that is a total of 53 files in addition to the Training Manual, which would be very bulky for uploading. I would suggest that in case you are planning a training on this topic we touch base to figure out a convenient way of sharing the additional material.

Thanks and regards,


Thank you for sharing Caspar Merkle

Ailyn Bolaños posted a status

"Besides I would like to know if there is possible have access to the manual. Thanks in advance."

Thank you so much for sharing.Please how do I access the manual?


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