Dear GenderEval Members,

I need to pick the hive-mind for some insight and understanding around the subject of values-based consultant recruitment. 

As part of Womankind’s new strategy to build strong resilient national women’s movements, Womankind wishes to create a dedicated consultants’ pool committed to our shared values of gender equality and feminism. Womankind will be led by partners in the types of support they need as well as the expertise of individuals to create a value-based consultancy framework and database.

We are keen to understand how other organisations utilise their own values when recruiting consultants for specific purposes, and the reasons behind the formulation of that style of recruitment. Or if you are an individual consultant how you utilise your values in your bids for jobs, and how that then follows through in your methodological practices.

At this stage I am collecting as much information as possible so all contributions are appreciated. Please feel free to email me at with your comments. If you would be open to a longer conversation this would also be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


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