I cam across the current quarterly report of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC:

Women in the Middle East

This is a new publication from the Wilson Center www.wilsoncenter.org/middleeast 

It contains several interesting articles on the role of women in the Middle East, covers different countries, and emphasizes the historical, cultural, religious and political contexts in which women work. The publication  might be useful to colleagues working in evaluation in the region. I am curious how colleagues from the Middle East respond to the information.

Also, reading these articles underscores for me how challenging it is to incorporate context while staying true to the support of human rights. I always struggle with this, and appreciate support and insight of colleagues.

Thank you

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Hi Tessie
I have forwarded your message to evalgender MENA for their input. However I totally agree that the particularity of context is a vital element that needs to inform our practice, as well as indigenous perspectives.


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