Gender & Eval Community- Year of Evaluation'2015

Marco Segone, A K Shiva Kumar & Yamini Atmavilas in front of the Gender & Evaluation community poster in Jan 2015- first event in the Year of Evaluation held in Delhi.

October 2014 Blog Posts (12)

The legacy and sustainability of Participatory Video

Another field visit has passed like the wind. It left rich learning behind for all of us: for you and me. It’s been a pleasure really to hear local facilitators in Guyana, Cameroon, South Africa and the Philippines reflect on the legacy and sustainability of Participatory Video in their communities, alongside Jay Mistry from…


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What should be the Global Evaluation Agenda 2016-2020?

A roundtable consultation was organized on September 26, 2014 by Institute of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR), New Delhi, India in collaboration with national Planning Commission, Government of India to deliberate on the challenge as to how the global evaluation community can contribute to ensuring that evaluations play a key role in planning and implementation of policies and programmes for attaining future sustainable development goals at national, regional and international levels.  The…


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Dilemmas of development- reflections on a visit

I visited Khandwa district, Madhya Pradesh, India this month with the impressive NGO Eficor

There were remote villages untouched by 'mainstream development'. There were also villages near the town of Khalwa where industries had come up and health services were accessible. Interestingly children were better nourished (records of ICDS- weight by age) in the remote area, than the accessible one. Institutional delivery was however higher in the developed area. The remote…


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Many thanks for the interest in our poster

Many thanks for the friendly comments about our poster! For those who wish to learn more about the research, feel free to visit the dedicated site and download the full review report. It comes with an executive summary.

To answer Rituu's question; I believe that one reason for our success is that the form in which we present findings from Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) is quite novel. Also, we put much effort into making…


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Members presenting at AEA conference

Following members shared about their sessions- Tessie Catsambas, Sharon Brisolara, Patricia Rogers and Rakesh Mohan

 1. Feminist issues in Evaluation Topical Interest Group

Wed, Oct 15, 2014 (06:15 PM - 07:00 PM)

     Feminist Issues in Evaluation…


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Who is attending AEA conference?

I am listing the names and photos of members who will be at AEA. Please leave your names in the reply below. Please add your profile photos so that others can recognise you. You can correspond with other members through send a message option.

Tessie Catsambas

Sharon Brisolara, United States…


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Marco Segone: Preparing for 2015 International Year of Evaluation

Message from Marco Segone 

Dear colleagues,

 2015, the International year of Evaluation (EvalYear), is approaching quickly. We have the pleasure to share with you (Attachment) a proposed strategy to make 2015 EvalYear a success by levering the existing EvalPartners movement.

We invite you to lead an EvalYear 2015 process in your…


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EES 2014

Back from EES 2014, very much lived up to expectations. A group of us had first gone in 2010 to the EES Conference at Prague and that was part of the process leading to the Engendering Policy through Evaluation project managed by Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST), and to participation in EES 2012 and now EES 2014.  We are pleased to have been part of the Gender Strand started if I’m not wrong, in 2010.  Over these years, we’ve learnt a lot about evaluation approaches and methods and…


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Doing things right or doing the right things? Lessons from participation in EES, 2014

Participation in EES, 2014 was an excellent opportunity to rethink assumptions, meet friends again and see bits of Dublin.

What did I learn from the four days I spent at EES? I learnt from 'systems-thinkers' the distinction between doing things right and doing the right things.  If one has the wrong theory of change but a plan of action, one can land up doing planned things right, but not the right thing to address the issue that one wants to address be it poverty, HIV/AIDS, equity…


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Strength-based evaluation to understand changes from gender & equity lens & stimulate further changes

Samraksha is a development organization which has been working with communities for more than two decades now. Samraksha started its work in the field of HIV and reproductive sexual health, and has always been committed to working with the communities in order to prevent the spread of HIV and reduce its impact on the affected people. In order to do this, we have always used strengths based approach and worked with different communities – communities of identity like those of women in sex…


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Our award-winning poster at the EES conference

My associate Wolfgang Stuppert and have been delighted about the 'best poster award' we won at the recent biennial conference of the European Evaluation Society (EES). This is because we have invested lots of time and effort to figure out how to present the rather complicated results of our Qualitative Comparative Analysis of 39 evaluations in the field of violence against women and girls. We're glad our efforts have been rewarded.…


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