Information reposted: Guides to including a gender+ perspective

I reposted recent news of GenderEval on my Blog:

Guides to including a gender+  perspective

 New resources to implement the gender perspective in evaluation are available. EvalPartners Innovation Challenge initiative of EF&GR Task Force supported the compilation of a  guide to include a gender+ perspective in VOPEs: innovating to improve institutional capacities. The guide is available both in English and Spanish.

 Guide to including a gender+perspective in VOPEs: innovating to improve institutional capacities  (2015) provides a tool for VOPEs (Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation) to be able to incorporate a gender+ perspective in functions and activities so as to highlight the many existing inequalities and promote an evaluation community that is more responsive to them.

This guide has been developed jointly by the “Gender and Evaluation” Thematic Working Group of the European Evaluation Society and the Latin America and Caribbean Evaluation Network (RELAC) “Evaluation, Gender and Human  Rights” Working Group, in the framework of the EvalPartners’ Equity-Focused and Gender-Responsive Evaluation Innovation Challenge.

See also the website of the Gender and Evaluation Community: Gender and Evaluation

Making Evaluation Sensitive to Gender and Human Rights. Different Approaches (2014). The premise of this publication underlies the perspective of both the gender in development (GID) and human rights-based approach to development (HRBA) - two analytical frameworks that aim to contribute toward the construction of developed societies respectful of rights and equality between members.  FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD

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Comment by Rituu B Nanda on April 13, 2015 at 15:29

Thank you for sharing! You are a champion, Birgit!

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