EVALSDGs Insight #10- gender and equity in SDGs

EVALSDGs Insight #10 concerns a longstanding issue: gender inequality and the degree to which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can assure equality and equity among peoples. Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) of SDGs implementation in 66 countries indicate that countries must act vigorously to achieve gender equity across all SDGs. This Insight proposes some solutions for strengthening gender responsiveness in evaluations of the SDGs.


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At 12:53 on December 10, 2018, Sridhar Shankar said…

Hi All,

Im reachable on sshankar@tns.org

Best regards

At 12:52 on December 10, 2018, Sridhar Shankar said…

Thank you Rituu,

It's a pleasure to be connected and thank you for the brief interaction.

Good to know about the 'Gender & Eval' initiative.

I also take the opportunity to introduce to the group TechnoServe India, a Not-for-Profit aligned to Sustainable livelihood and value chain programs - www.technoserve.org 

Sharing for the benefit of members, few of the videos on our livelihood initiatives - 




Hope to hear and interact with anyone interested to know more about our India initiatives.

Best wishes, Sridhar

At 17:23 on November 12, 2018, Sarvenaz Fassihi said…

Thanks Rittu for the warm welcome! I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues and sharing with those who have similar interests. I just added a photo. 



At 11:24 on November 9, 2018, Mahima Taneja said…

Thank you Rituu, and for the warm welcome!

At 17:08 on August 7, 2018, BIZIMANA François said…

Thanks a lot Dear Nanda, It was difficult for me to add my photo but I do it now. I will do my best to share with the platform every knoweldge on GBV and evaluation

At 11:39 on July 12, 2018, Devin B. Faris said…

Dear Rituu,

Thank you very much for the space and the opportunity to share my work and insights, I will certainly be contributing in the months to come as my work in Southeast Asia unfolds. Currently transitioning from East Africa and shifting into consulting work on VAWG/GBV prevention programming. G&E seems to be a really great resource! 

All the best,

At 9:43 on July 1, 2018, Geeta Verma said…

Hi Ritu,

It was surly a pleasure meeting you in person. I will try to be more active and engaged with the forum.



At 22:23 on May 2, 2018, Steven Ariss said…

Thanks Rituu. Glad you like the photo, it took a professional to make me so photogenic ;)

What work do you do in health?

I'm hoping to get to EES conference this year, if my abstract is accepted, to present some work we are doing on evaluating a programme of shared-care for haemodialysis. I use a lot of theory-based approaches, including Realist Evaluation, and Developmental/Utilization-Focused approaches. I've also been working quite a lot on rapid evaluations for the NHS recently.

I really love the gender and evaluation network, it has a refreshingly diverse global perspective, and some really interesting opportunities. Keep up the good work!

At 15:25 on April 23, 2018, John Colvin said…

Dear Rituu, thanks for your interest in our contribution analysis work in Malawi, which we are just starting. I'd love to share more at some point soon - do you have any specific questions? best wishes - John

At 16:00 on April 5, 2018, Esther Namukasa said…

Thanks Rituu, I am glad I am on this forum and will do the needful, as requested. Thanks for the warm welcome on the forum. Kampala/Entebbe is cool its a rainy season and the weather is just fantastic. Thanks

At 14:28 on March 12, 2018, Mihai Magheru said…

Hola Ritu, 

Muchas gracias por tu cálida bienvenida y disculpe mi retraso en respuesta. 

Quería felicitarte por el trabajo hecho en esta plataforma y por tu dedicación en el tema de género. Intentaré contribuir lo más posible... y pensaba que el folleto que acaba de finalizar en su version ´zero draft´ podría ser interesante para la comunidad.  

Se trata de un pequeño folleto que nos ayuda a asegurar la transversalidad de género en el programa de ONU Habitat sobre la Resiliencia Urbana:




At 13:24 on November 4, 2017, Nancy J Anabel said…
Dear Rituu,

Profound thanks to you. I am excited to be part of this learned group. I am taking a bit of time to share due to some personal reasons. I will join you and the team shortly.

Cheers, Nancy
At 3:10 on September 25, 2017, Kolianita Alfred said…

Thanks Rituu. Excited to be part of this platform.



At 16:19 on August 8, 2017, Dr Josephine Wouango said…

Dear Rituu,

My pleasure having contributed to the translation.


At 5:41 on June 26, 2017, Margerit Roger said…

Thanks very much, Rituu. I'll take some time to become familiar with the site. Too bad every day isn't twice as long!


At 20:19 on June 1, 2017, Adeela Khalid said…

Thank you Rituu for the warm welcome. I look forward to be active part of this network. 

At 12:56 on June 1, 2017, Agape said…

Dear Rituu,

Thanks very much a warm welcome. Hoping to cooperate and share different ideas. Please we welcome to our platform to solve problems in Africa and globally through www.rdnplatform.com. For people having ideas and looking for fund support from EU. We can collaborate and access the funds.

Additionally we have pool of experts who we can collaborate and solve problems together.

At 12:18 on April 10, 2017, Shamiso said…

Dear Rituu

Thank you again for this warm welcome to your network!

I am looking forward to exploring, learning and forming new collaborations.



At 21:59 on October 12, 2016, Olin Thakur said…

Many thanks Rituu. I look forward to learn and share on this really informative and innovative platform. Will definitely engage myself whenever time allows. Cheers, O

At 2:50 on September 19, 2016, Chrissy Galerakis said…

Thank you for the warm welcome, Rituu.

Look forward to closely engaging with others!

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