EVALSDGs Insight #10- gender and equity in SDGs

EVALSDGs Insight #10 concerns a longstanding issue: gender inequality and the degree to which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can assure equality and equity among peoples. Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) of SDGs implementation in 66 countries indicate that countries must act vigorously to achieve gender equity across all SDGs. 


Programme evaluation entirely conducted by children - Zimbabwe

I am happy to share the second report of a series of three evaluations completely led by children. Children beneficiaries of the programme selected evaluation questions, collected and analysed data in order to deliver an assessment of the programme’s results, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, relevance and equity. This second experience took place in Zimbabwe with a slightly modified methodology to incorporate learning from the previous study and differences in the programme. These changes include the assessment of the depth of transformation and coverage attained by the programme and demonstrated children’s capacity to handle an additional level of complexity. The experience confirmed children’s ability to deliver nuanced assessments that are not simply positive or negative, and therefore capable of enhancing our understanding of the programme and contribute to programme quality. The experience also established that involving children in monitoring and evaluation activities is not only possible and desirable, but also does not require a major investment in resources.  Comments and feedback are welcome.

The reports can be downloaded from the following links:

Full Evaluation


Executive Summary


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