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Evaluating our work through a power lens

Colleagues, I thought you might find interesting this learning brief put together by a number of groups who participated in Comic Relief's Power Up peer learning initiative. It describes a few very different ways of addressing power in evaluation - one by an organisation's constituents; the other by a funder. It is attached but also at…


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Please guide me to write effectively on social issues

I have realised I feel alot and have understanding of the issues which causes the bigger problem. But when it comes to portraying it i fail. Even though i have data. When I try to use data it becomes all robotic and when i share what I share what I feel I become a storyteller. I have seen many amazing people sharing the most insightful knowledge. I'd appreciate you can spare a moment and guide me.
I truly appreciate

Thank you,
Sakshi Tekam

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Looking back and looking ahead: Reflections on three decades of gender and development

Looking back and looking ahead: Reflections on three decades of gender and development…


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SALE! SALE! SALE! - A growing market for women’s digital data

Seema gets scared every time her phone rings. She has been receiving calls from an unknown caller for a while who wants to be her ‘friend’. Despite her clear indication that she does not want the same, he continues to harass her. According to a Truecaller report in India, as of 2019-2020, 8 in every 10 women receive harassment and nuisance phone calls at least once a week. Most of these calls are from unknown acquaintances. The…


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Strengthening M&E Capacity in Yemen: Paving the Way for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment


Yemen, a country facing immense challenges, is striving to achieve gender equality and women's empowerment amidst ongoing conflicts and social barriers. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) capacity building plays a crucial role in this pursuit, enabling effective tracking, assessment, and improvement of initiatives aimed at advancing gender equality and empowering women. In this blog, we will explore the importance of M&E capacity building in Yemen and how it can…


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Expanding reach-benefit-empowerment and gender transformation framework

The CGIAR's Reach Benefit Empowerment and Transformation (RBET) distinguishes between approaches "that reach women participants, such as by including them in program activities; those that benefit women, by improving their circumstances in some way; those…


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Intersectional, inter-sectoral and development focus: Why they matter to gender transformative evaluations

Increasingly there is focus on "women" and "men" as analytical categories in gender transformative evaluations. This is necessary, but is it adequate?  The answer is "No" 

Women are far from uniform. One woman may progress at the expense of the other, like in the case of women from small farming household receiving support for mechanized harvesters which displace women form households without land. 

While the project may be with regard to agriculture, unless she has access to…


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Navigating the Global Challenge of Population Decline, Aging, and Gender Implications within the G20


The world is currently witnessing a profound demographic transformation, with consequences that resonate across numerous facets of society. Within the G20, developed nations have grappled with declining fertility rates for an extended period, a trend showing no signs of reversal. This issue extends beyond the confines of a single country. Still, it significantly impacts economic productivity, healthcare systems, and social security programs. Meanwhile,…


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A Comprehensive Overview: Data Sources for Health and Family Planning Indicators in India

Accurate and comprehensive data on health and family planning indicators hold immense significance in the formulation and implementation of effective policies in India. In this blog post, we aim to explore several data sources that offer essential insights into the current state of health and family planning in our country. These valuable sources encompass the Sample Registration System (SRS), Census data, Civil Registration System (CRS), National Family Health Survey (NFHS), National Sample…


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Ways to effectively work with research/evaluation agencies

Hello all, I am a monitoring and evaluation practitioner, currently associated with a reputed national NGO, and I have more than 15 years of experience in the development sector. During this journey, I have collaborated with multiple research/evaluation agencies to execute research or evaluation-related activities.

Working with an agency is not always a cakewalk as I have mixed experience with them. In our sector, we primarily recruit agencies for two main reasons – 1) to ensure the…


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Rethinking Program Theories and Theorists

The MONEV Studio Indonesia and Evaluation Community of India organised the second in the series of quarterly book review online meeting on 28 January 2023. As a member of the Evaluation Community of India, I participated in the meeting as a commentator.

The book being discussed was Purposeful Program Theory by Sue Funnell and Patricia Rogers, a landmark book for development practice written in 2011. One of the authors, Prof Patricia Rogers, the…


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Beyond the Norm: Scope of Non-traditional Livelihood Skilling for Women in Achieving Women's Economic Empowerment

Institute of Social Studies Trust ISST's recent study, "Beyond the Norm: Scope of Non-traditional Livelihood Skilling for Women in Achieving Women's Economic Empowerment" aimed to understand the importance of skilling women in what is considered as ‘nontraditional’ and how that can lead to women’s economic empowerment. While there is no fixed definition of which work can qualify as ‘non-traditional’, vis-à-vis ‘traditional’, there are several ways through which it can be…


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Addressing Intersectionality in Evaluations: From Buzz Word to Institutionalisation


This presentation of Ranjani K Murthy with Children Believe India in Evaluation Conclave 2022 argues that intersectionality needs to move beyond being a buzz word in evaluations; and be…


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Disjointed lines: Implementation history and development evaluations

Development evaluations take place in a historical context. Many interventions have in the past been initiated by government and other development organisations in a village (or urban low income settlement) when evaluations of a NGO project is commissioned in the "now". A key question is how to delineate impact of past interventions by other organisations on present…


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Women's Work: beyond binaries

Pastoralists have been largely excluded from the discourses of policy making and development because of their non sedantarized ways of living. Furthermore, a pastoral woman who is in constant interaction with the forests, animals and land, as part of their profession and life world fails to find a mention in literature and policies. The kind of labour they perform, their interaction with animals and ecology and being in constant movement opens up  ways to understand the role of women…

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Infusing Arts in Evaluation: putting power outside the box

Gender & Evaluation online Community with Evaluation Community of India hosted an e-consultation on Art & Creativity Evaluation. Members with MEL expertise and creative talent generously offered to host the event. Abu Ala Hasan from Bangladesh provided a theoretical background on the topic with focus on Photography/ painting Chris Lysy from the United States shared how cartoons can relay Evaluation findings Yelizaveta Yanovich from the US brought experience of theatre in facilitation…


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Intersectional lens to development indices

Since the 1990s, development is measured not just by economic growth, but also human development index, gender development index, gender empowerment measure, gender inequality index, global gender gap index and so on. However discrimination in its various forms continues, and apart from economic and gender discrimination few measure of other forms of…


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