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Addressing Intersectionality in Evaluations: From Buzz Word to Institutionalisation


This presentation of Ranjani K Murthy with Children Believe India in Evaluation Conclave 2022 argues that intersectionality needs to move beyond being a buzz word in evaluations; and be…


Added by Ranjani K.Murthy on October 17, 2022 at 18:30 — 1 Comment

Disjointed lines: Implementation history and development evaluations

Development evaluations take place in a historical context. Many interventions have in the past been initiated by government and other development organisations in a village (or urban low income settlement) when evaluations of a NGO project is commissioned in the "now". A key question is how to delineate impact of past interventions by other organisations on present…


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Women's Work: beyond binaries

Pastoralists have been largely excluded from the discourses of policy making and development because of their non sedantarized ways of living. Furthermore, a pastoral woman who is in constant interaction with the forests, animals and land, as part of their profession and life world fails to find a mention in literature and policies. The kind of labour they perform, their interaction with animals and ecology and being in constant movement opens up  ways to understand the role of women…

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Infusing Arts in Evaluation: putting power outside the box

Gender & Evaluation online Community with Evaluation Community of India hosted an e-consultation on Art & Creativity Evaluation. Members with MEL expertise and creative talent generously offered to host the event. Abu Ala Hasan from Bangladesh provided a theoretical background on the topic with focus on Photography/ painting Chris Lysy from the United States shared how cartoons can relay Evaluation findings Yelizaveta Yanovich from the US brought experience of theatre in facilitation…


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Intersectional lens to development indices

Since the 1990s, development is measured not just by economic growth, but also human development index, gender development index, gender empowerment measure, gender inequality index, global gender gap index and so on. However discrimination in its various forms continues, and apart from economic and gender discrimination few measure of other forms of…


Added by Ranjani K.Murthy on August 8, 2022 at 20:24 — 1 Comment

Looking for MEL resources on Relationship building

Dear community,

I am looking for MEL frameworks and tools on relationship building. Please share if you have come across to any useful and user-friendly resource. Thank you! 

Added by Elisabetta Micaro on June 2, 2022 at 6:25 — 5 Comments

Deepening SDG 5 monitoring from an intersectional lens

Ranjani K Murthy

Examining the SDG 5 tracker ( after a field visit and interviews with women/girls and men/boys from economically and socially discriminated groups in the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, India, I felt the urgent need for strengthening monitoring mechanisms for tracking SDG 5 from a gender and intersectionality lens- without which it…


Added by Ranjani K.Murthy on May 27, 2022 at 16:25 — 3 Comments

The trouble with evaluation (1-Data)

Invitation to help improve evaluation methods.

Dear Members and Colleagues,

A project, funded by The Health Foundation (UK) is comparing evaluation guidance with the lived experiences of evaluators. In current guidance the key assumption is that forward planning can prevent problems. However, in the Real-World, despite good intentions and evaluation expertise, problems happen and there is little guidance about how to fix these problems. This seems to be particularly relevant to…


Added by Steven Ariss on May 4, 2022 at 3:06 — 2 Comments

Appel à candidatures - Prix d'Excellence Evaluation d'Or, édition 2022


L’Initiative Ivoirienne pour l’Evaluation (2IEval), en collaboration avec la Cellule d’Analyse des Politiques Economiques du CIRES (CAPEC), lance un appel à candidatures pour la septième (7ème) édition du Prix d’Excellence Evaluation d’Or.

Ce Prix vise à promouvoir l’Excellence et l’Evaluation MADE IN Côte d’Ivoire, en récompensant les Etudiants, les Chercheurs, les Projets/Programmes, les Structures/Institutions, les Cabinets de Consulting ainsi que les…


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In Memory of Eleanor Chelimsky

Hi Members,

Recently a very experienced Evaluation professional, Eleanor Chelimsky, passed away. Michael Patton compiled her insights and short video clips which you can enjoy. What a wonderful tribute and an opportunity to learn from her. 



After several days of rereading Eleanor's writings and revisiting our email exchanges, I…


Added by Rituu B Nanda on April 24, 2022 at 22:09 — 2 Comments

Context analysis of evaluation reports from a gender, intersectionality and rights lens

In an earlier blog (, I argued the need to shift from gender and development (GAD) to gender, intersectionality, rights and development (GIRD) approach if SDG5 are to be achieved by 2030, and if the Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against…


Added by Ranjani K.Murthy on April 4, 2022 at 22:30 — 4 Comments

Does It Matter? Reflections on International Women’s Day

Does International Women’s Day matter? What does International Women’s Day mean to you? Why should people care about International Women’s Day? Does International Women’s Day empower women?

We have asked several women to reflect on some simple yet important questions on International Women’s Day. Watch this video to know what their responses were:



Added by Joyce Das on March 7, 2022 at 17:00 — 2 Comments

Announcing winning the honourable mention for the IDEAS Evaluation for Transformation Change Award

Dear friends,

I am very honoured to announce that my evaluation “Real Time Evaluation of Gender Integration in the UNICEF COVID-19 Response in South Asia” was assessed among the top ones in the Award category "Evaluation as transformation" and has received an honourable mention of the Award! It is particularly important as it has embedded feminist principles in the evaluation design.

The Award Steering Committee represented by IDEAS, Independent…


Added by SONAL ZAVERI on February 23, 2022 at 17:03 — 1 Comment

Gender Equity Index -Ag Extension & Advisory Services

This is a soon to be published article in the "Standart," an artsy coffee magazine for industry aficionados.  It introduces a Gender Equity Index that Equal Origins has developed through a multi stakeholder group of 10 US, S. American and European based coffee roasters and raw coffee suppliers.

A New Tool for a Hidden Risk

The issues of gender equality and coffee sustainability have a lot in common. Both are…


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Putting gender and capabilities into the equation: transformative evaluation for enhancing social justice

Dear all,

It's my pleasure to share with you my last publication on feminist evaluation:

  • (2021) Putting gender and capabilities into the equation: transformative evaluation for enhancing social justice. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice29(3), 279-296.…

Added by Julia Espinosa on February 23, 2022 at 0:42 — 3 Comments

From Gender and Development to Gender, intersectionality, rights and development- From GAD to GIRD



The prelude: Gender and development approach

Gender and Development emerged as an approach to examine and address women’s development in the late 1980s.  In her seminal article Gender Planning in the Third World, Caroline Moser[1] argued that the Gender and Development approach (GAD) approach conceptualised that women were not the problem, but the socially constructed…


Added by Ranjani K.Murthy on February 3, 2022 at 20:32 — 2 Comments

Research of, for, by the deaf - a model for community driven action

niiti consulting has been catalysing work in the social sector for more than a decade. Its sister organisation Questera Foundation was created with the specific purpose of enabling social change, through a ‘build-operate-transfer’ model of implementation. The intent is that people from diverse cultures are able to define their own development paradigm and fulfill their economic, social, cultural, and spiritual…


Added by Meena Vaidyanathan on January 23, 2022 at 18:53 — 1 Comment

A guide to develop key competencies and leadership skills for women in organizations

May I share with this community the note posted in the current issue of the IDEAS Newsletter, on my book in Spanish, "Mujeres, a liderar!... A nuestro modo: 5 habilidades clave para el poder y el éxito" (Women, to lead our way: 5 key skills for power and success). The English and Portuguese versions will be available…


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Webinar with the title "Let's HALT and learn SALT" was organized on 29th October 2021 under the aegis of the Department of Development Communication and Extension, Lady Irwin College, the University of Delhi in collaboration with Constellation, Evaluation Community of India, Global Fund for Children, Asia-Pacific Evaluation Association with a goal of co-creating knowledge on SALT: Participatory tool for evaluation with over 45 energetic participants. SALT stands for Share/Stimulate,…


Added by Palak Khanna on November 28, 2021 at 22:11 — 3 Comments

Researcher and Evaluator

Dictionary meaning of a Researcher is as below

 someone who studies a subject, especially in order to discover new information or reach a new understanding:

 And dictionary meaning of an evaluator is a person who assesses the amount, extent, or value of something. 

If we understand from the definitions of both, then it is clear that there will be difference in the approach of both, their mindset, body language, appearance will be different. In addition,…


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