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"Les approches intersectionnelles de genre pour la collecte et l’analyse de données", un atelier international du F3E

Le mardi 14 septembre, l'Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST) et la Gender&Evaluation Community ont hébergé un événement international du F3E sur la mesure du genre, qui a rassemblé près de 100 participant-e-s du monde entier !


L’approche intersectionnelle de genre intéresse de plus en plus praticien-ne-s de la solidarité internationale comme l’a pu le témoigner l’engouement pour l’atelier international organisé autour de la collecte et l’analyse de données. Cet…


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Gender transformative evaluations: Negotiating power, intersectionalities, contexts, and accountability


Gender transformative evaluations: Negotiating power, intersectionalities, contexts, and accountability

Ranjani K Murthy, Anweshaa Ghosh and Ayesha Dutta, 2021



Development evaluations take place within social hierarchies and can both reflect and challenge these hierarchies. In this discussion paper the authors reflect on their experiences in facilitating gender transformative…


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A call to re-distribute power

An Online Consultation to Strengthen Community Ownership was held on Saturday, July 24th 2021 from 10.30am to 12.00pm IST. 1) To create awareness of the importance of strengthening community ownership in evaluation studies. 2) To develop individual actions and actions by…


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Message from Dr. Naimatullah Akbari from Afghanistan

Greeting from Kabul, Afghanistan,

I am Dr. Naimatullah Akbari a member of the gender and evaluation community . As you might be aware that due to recent changes the development work stopped here . I hereby would like to kindly request you to support me in engagement to the assignment that match with my expertise and experience. We are adversely affected by the recent change and are under extreme stress with uncertain future. My CV, list of assignment completed and list of training…


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Socioeconomic Mobility (rich to poor and vice versa) during Pandemic

Due to various reasons (mainly because of privatization ) people’s movement is very rapid from one economic class to another in last 15-20yrs. Many poor people  migrated to urban area and worked in construction industry, many middle class people migrated abroad and worked in IT.. Many are migrating temporarily for few months. All these activities are good support in growth and some times changed their economic class. But when they lose  that job, they move back in…


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Ranjani K Murthy, Vasantha R., Assumpta P., Gilbert Rodrigo and monitoring team, 2021

The grassroots NGO Gandhian Unit for Integrated Development Education (GUIDE)- a women’s rights organisation with vision of empowering women- received support from Women Fund Asia for facilitating a study on monitoring progress on Beijing+25 in two southern states Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The monitoring process was both desk/statistics based and based on marginalised women’s monitoring of progress…


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Communication:- Murmuring, Whispering, Voice and Noise and art of listening and understanding

Communication is a 2 way process. which involves an expresser and a listener. 

Murmuring is the reaction to uneasy feelings. It takes some time to find words to express in the community. It is very common among poor and fearful people. It is one kind of complain, expression of dissatisfaction and protest but not in clear words. It is a personal expression related to personal problem in search of help from outside. 

Outsider can only see the dissatisfaction and…


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Monitoring, Evaluating and Furtheirng Progress on Gender and Economic Equality and Women's Economic Empowerment

This paper, authored by me and supported by the Institute of Social Studies Trust, New Delhi…

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Dialogue on Good Practices for Gender-Responsive Evaluations in Arab States with UN Women, EvalGender+, EvalMENA, and EvalJordan

In order to foster a productive dialogue between evaluation practitioners on good practices in gender-responsive evaluations (GRE) in the MENA region, UN Women hosted a webinar on Tuesday, the 6th July in partnership with EvalGender+, EvalMENA, and EvalJordan. 

The webinar kicked off by introducing a valuable publication recently launched by UN Women, Good practices in gender-responsive, which aims to highlight…


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Gender, diversity and evaluations during COVID-19: Lessons from India

During COVID-19 I was involved in three evaluations, one in South India (face to face) and one additionally covering parts of north- west India (online).   The evaluations were of projects/programs on livelihood development and women's economic empowerment. These were carried out in the first phase of COVID-19 which was not so severe. 

The lessons on challenges posed by gender and diversity in face to face interactions during evaluations during COVID-19 were the…


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Intimate Partner Violence and COVID-19 in India Survey

Dear All


We are looking for support for our nation-wide study on ‘Intimate-Partner Violence and COVID-19’.


This nationwide study is being undertaken by Dr …


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Skill upgrading demands during pandemic time

Skill upgrading is a desire to grow, but it is not the solution to reduce unemployment.  During Pandemic, it is not easy for people to learn new skills or additional skills to get the job for survival. 

To fight with unemployment, institutions and authorities need to upgrade themselves to utilize available skills in different areas. Many computer operators are available and looking for jobs and there are several areas where computers…


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A new book on “Evaluation in Fragility, Conflict, and Violence”

Hur Hassnain, Lauren Kelly, Simona Somma, editors

To order your copy: Click HERE

The International Development Evaluation Association released a book on “Evaluation in the Contexts of Fragility, Conflict and Violence”, a practical guidance from global evaluation practitioners. The book shows a diverse set of perspectives and experiences on sensitive…


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Dialogue on Good Practices in Gender Responsive Evaluation: Asia Pacific Evaluation association, Eval Gender+ and UN women

Last year the global community marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women and adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1995). In the context of this milestone and the asymmetrical gendered impact of the COVID-19 pandemic- the virtual “Dialogue on Good Practices in Gender Responsive Evaluation was organised by the Asia Pacific Evaluation association, Eval Gender+ and UN Women.  to learn about the latest contributions applying a gender…


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Post Pandemic:- Metamorphosis or transformation?

Metamorphosis and transformation both indicate changes.  One of the major difference I feel is, in metamorphosis, situation can’t be reversed . If a caterpillar changed in to the butterfly, can’t go back in pupa stage or Larvae  stage.  Butterfly needs to learn flying instead of relearning crawling like larvae. 

After Pandemic, situation is changed a lot for many people who can’t go back into the situation as it was before pandemic.…


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The Skulduggery of pro-management "'workers' unions"

Colombo, January 30 ( Over the last week, the global auto industry witnessed a collapse in operations as thousands of workers in Hungary launched demonstrations against low-wages and disparaging working conditions.

The frustrations and struggles of the workers in Hungary are echoed in two folds as over 70,000 auto-part workers in Matamoros, Mexico digressed into multiple strikes over the course of two weeks demanding a wage hike from the mere 75 cents an hour they are…


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Respecting dignity of persons with disability

A friend recently shared an article published in an online edition of an English medium national newspaper. The article was well intentioned, and spoke about the weakness of non-compliance to universal accessibility regulations in Sri Lanka’s infrastructure and public spaces, and which results in marginalizing a significant minority in our society – who the writer references as the less abled.

This prejudiced use of terminology vexed me, and reminded me of the varying occasions where…


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If evaluators behave like auditors!

I had the great pleasure today of attending a wonderful webinar on adapting evaluations during the COVID pandemic. I especially enjoyed a very inspiring presentation by our very own Rituu and her exchanges with us. Here a few insights and lessons from her discussion:…


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April 28th is World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021 with the theme: Anticipate crises, prepare and respond: Invest today in resilient occupational safety and health systems. Under the slogan A…

April 28th is World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021 with the theme: Anticipate crises, prepare and respond: Invest today in resilient occupational safety and health systems.

Under the slogan Anticipate, prepare and respond: Investing in resilient occupational safety and health systems today, the International Labour Organization launched its dialogue on occupational safety and health in response to emergencies and crises.

The following…


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My Body is My Own

Dear Colleagues,

Did you know that only 55% of women have autonomy over their bodies? Women have the right to make decisions about their bodies free from violence, fear, or coercion.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) just launched their State of World Population 2021.

It highlights the importance of education, the critical role of health providers in upholding and affirming the bodily autonomy of those seeking information and care, social norms, and the…


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