Favourite picture from the Pastoral study

Prateek favourite photo from the pastoral study. This photo is something which I could relate to. We could point out before going to the field how pastoral woman's work does not find itself within the women and work discourse but it was after understanding the relationship of women with animals, we could understand the nature of "work" which a pastoral woman does. 


Dear Rituu and ALL, 

I hope this email finds you well in this bad situation. 
I am kindly and humbly requesting you to help me. 
  • I am involved in one of the research where I have to find the "ex-post evaluation" (minimum 2 years) studies i.e. I am looking for case studies where development programmes (Disaster risk reduction) were implemented on field, (anywhere in world)
  • I want to see "what happened" to those projects (those who were implemented 2 years back), how they are performing now? Is the community (or target audience) improvised their situation by themselves (self-sufficiency) if YES, then how and by which means? etc. 
I am looking every where but did not found any. Do you have any "ex-post evaluation" or ex-post studies (preferably with data and I prefer India as I have to talk to them for data collection purpose) with you? If you know then please HELP ME. It is URGENT. 
Thank You very much for your help in advance. 
I hope you will help me. 
Best Regards, 

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Dear Samantha, 

Thank You very much for your inputs and it will be a great learning form you. No problem, I can understand. If it is ok for then, we can talk on Skype (Skype is Jaideep Visave) and +39 3292867271 (WhatsApp). Let me know whenever possible for you. I am free even on weekends. 

Thank You for helping me.

Best Regards, 


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