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Information reposted: Guides to including a gender+ perspective

I reposted recent news of GenderEval on my Blog:

Guides to including a gender+  perspective

  New resources to implement the…


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Reflections on the Visual of Anti-violence Discourse in Europe

The landscape of visual culture is a harbinger of normalised symbolic violence against women, and discourse shapes our understanding of the world and how we do things. Considering the high prevalences (FRA Survey 2014) there is an urgent need for reflection on the actual practices and the messages behind.

The WHO Multi-country study on women’s health and domestic violence against women (2005) indicated that 15–71% of women experience physical…


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JudithButler: Speaking of Rage and Grief

Butler (2009) states for images from war produced by embedded reporting, what I want to stress for contexts of gender and violence as well to question the forms of social or political power, the forms of prescriptive meaning and to consider that the image itself follows its own structure, opening or closing ways to scrutiny frames of gender and/or gander-based violence – to transit from reproducing violence to a state of non-violence, to grieving. Butler’s question of vulnerability,…


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