Dear Community Members,

I am currently writing a paper on evaluating gender training for the UN Women Training Centre. I am looking for examples of good practice and experiences of evaluating gender training - whether from a feminist perspective or otherwise. 

Any contributions would be warmly received, and of course you would be credited and acknowledged in the paper.

Many thanks,

Lucy Ferguson

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Dear Lucy

This is not exactly the topic, but who knows, it can be food for thoughts: the Learn4Dev network, through its Gender Expert Group, has developed a tool, the Gender Equality Score Card, to assess how gender-sensitive are training courses. Please check this page: (you need to scroll down a little bit to reach the dedicated article).


Hi Lucy,

Kindly approach Fem Consult as they have first hand experiences and might be willing to share relevant reports with you. 

Through my own supervision work I learn that participants following the Learning Routes on Gender in Value Chain and using methodology Gender Action Learning System (GALS) walk the talk when back home. Yet, it does not answer your question. Nonetheless, when participating in a Learning Route, one goes home with a plan and this plan needs to be implemented. Henceforth, progress made and performance achieved with implementing LR Gender Plan might tell you something. Procasor Africa team can tell you more.

Friendly regards,

Lucy M.


I would like to share few good practices that had helped me in my year long work in one of the rual areas, Vedaranyam, in Tamil Nadu State, in India. 

But would prefer if you could email me your mail id to

Regards & Best Wishes


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