South to South presenters at AEA Conference 2017

Photo courtesy: Awuor Ponge


Evalpartners through EvalGender+ is aiming to bring together those interested in gender-responsive and equity-focused evaluations. Concept note is attached.

EvalGender+ will be launched at Parliament of Nepal on 25th Nov 2015. We are having a brainstorming meeting in Kathmandu on 24th Nov.Can't attend this meeting but would like to engage in EvalGender+? We need your inputs on the following:

1.     What would EvalGender+ be at its best? What is your dream for EvalGender+? Where do you see it in the year 2025?

2.     Who would be a part of this partnership?

3.     What activities will it be undertaking by 2025?

4.     How would the Evalgender+ be governed?

Please send your inputs in form of text, video or a drawing by 18th Nov. I will compile your responses and share in Kathmandu meeting which will be incorporated in the dream for EvalGender+. I promise to share the common dream back with you.

In case of any queries please contact Rituu B Nanda-

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New Year Resolution 2016 for  Gender Equality + 

Preparing a declaration document call "Act Of  Gender Equality +by 2020" signed  by all nations  assured that  gender equality  will honoured  from health to justice to educations to social integrations to  equal recognition in the workforce with equal pay  in whatever profession their in, equal representations and more than anything respect and dignity . 

Also has women we too must  responsible, responsive to change the social pattern has we declared  and perceived  it too. 



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