Consultancies to develop support materials on MEL and Fundraising

Dear all

NIDOS  is looking for consultants to develop 2 (separate) Packages of Support ( which we understand as written documents that help increase INGOs knowledge, confidence and success in the specified topics, MEL and Fundraising inn this case). The packages should include an explanation of the identified key terms and process (see ToR) and also links to further in-depth information (e.g. hyperlinks to example policies, resource , case studies, templates, etc)


One of the packages should answer the question what are the key elements, the effectiveness essentials, to be successful in fundraising?. And the other should answer the question what are the key elements of good Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning through the project cycle and for organisational effectiveness?.


The deadline for submission (for both) is the 14th of November at 5 pm. An internal panel will review the applications and contact applicants with a decision by the 21st of November. Applications should be sent to with the subject line “Statement of interest: Fundraising Support Package” or “Statement of interest: MEL Support Package”


Please find the terms of reference attached and it you have any questions about them please contact me at


We would also appreciate if you circulate this within your networks.


Kind regards


Andrea Baertl H.

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