Gender and Theory of Change. Women victims of trafficking

It is a pleasure to greet you.

I write because I am doing an evaluation through the Theory of Change. I would like to know if you have references of evaluations through this

The program that I am evaluating is about the persecution of persons from Africa to Europe motivated by gender reasons (mainly women and
LGBTI collective) and international protection. I would like to find evaluations related to this subject, and evaluations about projects regarding women victims of trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation.

Thank you very much in advance and warm regards,

Irene García Palud.

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Thank you for you contribution to this thread, Rituu! interesting and useful resource indeed :)

Dear Irene,

Rituu alarmed me to your query here (on Pelican), which made me join this forum. I do not have concrete trafficking examples for you, but more general knowledge on how to include gender in Theories of Change.

Hivos, in collaboration with others, published a nice article on how to integrate gender in the Theories of Change. You can find it, in English and Spanish, on the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation webportal on ToC: . Next to the article, which is a summary of an e-discussion, several examples are given that show how gender is integrated.

For an overall overview/ guidelines/ stepwise approach on how to work with ToC , in English and Arabic, I’d like to refer you to .

Good luck and kind regards,
Anja Wolsky


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