Leaving no one behind in climate change / environment evaluations

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for a few good examples of gender and inclusion-responsive evaluations in the climate change or environment sectors, with concrete examples of tools or methods used. If you have any examples to share, I would love to hear from you!

With many thanks and best regards,
Heather, UNDP Independent Evaluation Office 

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Dear Heather, there was a discussion on those involved in climate and gender and equity focused evaluations http://gendereval.ning.com/profiles/blogs/gender-and-climate-change...

Warm greetings!

Dear Rituu,

Thanks! I will look at that thread.

Warm regards,

Hi Heather ,

I like what you say - no one left behind in the evaluation. Do you mean including stakeholders including communities in evaluation process?



Dear Rituu,

Yes, my query encompasses including stakeholders and communities in the evaluation process, or at least ensuring the evaluation looks at the question of inclusion and who amongst "beneficiaries" benefit (within a "community", are there still some "left behind"?)

Best regards,

Dear Heather,

I love what you say. See this discussion on participatory evalaution http://gendereval.ning.com/forum/topics/query-your-best-experience-...

I co-facilitate the task force on participatory evaluation and are we listening of EvalGender+ and am happy to discuss with you as  participation is key in my work-in evaluation, community engagement, action research etc.

Dear Heather.

Excellent question. Based on my experience, there is not much out there/ I am finishing up work with GEF on mapping gender-sensitive indicators across its portfolio, in which UNDP has a large share. GEF recently finished evaluation of its portfolio for gender mainstreaming, which shows apparent lacking attention to and substance in how projects address gender. https://www.thegef.org/sites/default/files/publications/Mainstreami... I know its not exactly what you are looking for, but it validates the nature of your question.

I worked on evaluation of a USAID-funded sustainable landscape management project a couple of years ago, and tried to address gender but the actual write-up never made it into the final report  as I went on maternity leave. http://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PA00KCJN.pdf

Looking forward to hearing from others as well, and continuing the conversation.



Dear Svetlana,

Thank you for your post and the links. I co-managed the Joint GEF-UNDP evaluation of the Small Grants Programme, completed a couple of years ago. We took the tool for assessing grant projects that had been used for the previous global evaluation of the SGP, and added in gender/inclusion and poverty/livelihoods model. It was, I think, a step forward, if still not perfect. Thus emerged my interest in finding out what others are doing and the tools they are using in the environment/climate change arena.

With best regards,

Great to hear about such example. I would love to see the tool you used. Can you share here or off-line?

Dear Svetlana,
See http://web.undp.org/evaluation/evaluations/thematic/sgp.shtml, Annex D.3 "Country Visit Project Performance Review Template".
With best regards,


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