EvalGender+ Meet up at FIFE Nov 2019

EvalGender+ Meet up at FIFE 13th Nov 2019. Photo courtesy Idrissa


This is a space to post opportunities like grants, vacancies, consultancies, internships, volunteer opportunities, call for proposals, fellowships etc. I invite you to post as a response. Thanks!


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Hi All, I am just completing a course on Policy Analysis and Programme Evaluation. I am looking at working on an evaluation project with someone. I want to be involved in planning and designing, if possible - to understand the intuition and challenges that are beyond the technical issues. I have extensive experience of working in rural as well as urban areas on gender transformative, Women and child health programmes. 

I am based in India at the moment (Pune/Delhi). I look forward to interacting and exploring programmes/projects/ideas that are of mutual interest. 

Please find my CV enclosed for your reference. 

Thank you so much. 


I'd also appreciate refresher training and partnership if anyone is available to assist. I am based in South Africa.

We are a network across the United States and open to collaborate on women's, LGBTQ and minority leadership: women's, LGBTQ and minority entrepreneurship and women's, LGBTQ and minority economic development.

Please look at our website: https://www.womensbizcoop.com

Join us as a complimentary member: https://www.womensbizcoop.com/membership

It is really great platform to understand contemporary issue and challenges of evaluation and also sharing workshops, conferences, and opportunities as well.


Hi all, 

Hope you are well. I am writing because I am looking for a co-evaluator to work on a potential evaluation project. I am based in Mumbai, India and the potential project is in Maharashtra, India. If you are interested please feel free to reach out. Thanks! 

Warm regards, 


Dear Dilata,

We at SIGMA Foundation will be pleased to collaborate with you. We have an office in Aurangabad and we have already completed projects in Maharashtra. Our core competency is in monitoring and evaluation. Please feel free to contact me. You can look us up at http://sigma.foundation/. Look forward to work with you.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Dr.Sanghamitra Kanjilal-Bhaduri


SIGMA Foundation


See attached-- American Jewish World Service (AJWS) seeks a consultant with expertise in facilitation and in designing participatory group convenings to advance AJWS’s social movement tool development. This consultancy is a long-term, part-time consultancy, for up to 70 days per year for four years. The assignment will include documenting AJWS’s past experience piloting its social movement tool with social movement actors, refining the tool itself based on lessons learned and additional statistical analysis, developing a participatory methodology for social movement actors to utilize AJWS’s social movement tool, and iteratively piloting and testing the tool with movement actors in the Global South. In addition, the consultant will contribute to the establishment and convening of an advisory body.


Francophone consultant needed - final evaluation of DRC stabilisation project

International Alert is looking for a francophone Congolese or international consultant (or team) to lead the evaluation of a project Tujenge Pamoja kwa Ajili ya Amani. More details below and in the attached document.


International Alert chercher un consultant francophone Congolais ou international (ou une équipe) pour mener l’évaluation du projet Tujenge Pamoja kwa Ajili ya Amani. Veuillez voir ci-dessous ou en pièce jointe pour les détails.


Merci / Thanks,




Nous cherchons un consultant national ou international (ou un cabinet) avec le profil suivant :

  • Un diplôme de licence dans un domaine pertinent cadrant avec la consolidation de la paix ;
  • Expérience + 7ans prouvée dans la conduite d’études quantitatives et qualitatives et plus particulièrement les évaluations ;
  • Expérience dans l’utilisation d’un logiciel d’analyse de données quantitatives ;
  • Savoir utiliser l’application KoboCollect ;
  • Expérience dans la rédaction des rapports ;
  • Excellentes capacités d’analyse des résultats quantitatifs et qualitatifs ;
  • Connaissance du contexte socio-culturel, et du contexte et dynamiques des conflits dans la zone ciblée ;
  • Connaissance et expérience dans l’utilisation de l’approche sensible au genre et au conflit. ;
  • Familiarité avec la stratégie ISSSS.

Les personnes (ou cabinets) qui détiennent le profil requis doivent soumettre un maximum de 10 pages pour l’expression d’intérêt et celles-ci doivent contenir:

  • Une déclaration d'aptitude, y compris l'engagement à la disponibilité pour toute la mission ;
  • Un CV à jour qui démontre clairement les aptitudes et expérience du consultant ;
  • Une description de la méthodologie de l'évaluation proposée, en incluant un plan de travail détaillé ;
  • Une proposition financière détaillée ;
  • 3 références d’organisations pour laquelle le consultant a travaillé qui prouve les capacités à mener une évaluation finale ;
  • Un ou deux rapports d’évaluations finales écrits précédemment.

L’expression d’intérêt doit être envoyée à DRC.Office@international-alert.org en copiant jiyanyawitandayi@international-alert.org avant le 29 Octobre 2019.


Small Grants review - Transparency International

We are looking for a #consultant to help us reviewing and assessing the effectiveness of the small grants funding modality in terms of contributing to our National Chapter’s capacity, development, and overall relevance. Please have a look! https://www.transparency.org/files/content/work/Tender_Small_Grant_...

Conciliation Resources are looking for an evaluator with strong facilitation skills for an exciting peacebuilding project with youth in northern Nigeria. Details can be found here:

Join our small, friendly team working on evaluations, assessments, and consultancy for a range of market development programmes. See the full job ad here: https://devlearn.co.uk/recruiting-private-sector-development-associ...

Civic Engagement Alliance is looking for evaluators to conduct an end
evaluation of its strategic partnership with The Netherlands Ministry of
Foreign Affairs “Advocating for an equal and just society'. The evaluator
is expected to team up with consultants (preferably from own network),
based in the 3-4 countires to be selected for this evaluation.

When you are interested, please see the Expression of Interest document
(attached). Deadline for submission of Expression of Interests one-pagers
is November 22th, 2019.


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