Request to share experinces of Online Gender Based Violence in the survey form.

Hello Everyone,

My colleague and co-researcher Tanisha Ranjit and I are conducting a study on Online Gender-Based Violence (OGBV) and its Impact on the Civic Freedoms of Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) across six countries in the Indo-Pacific, with a focus on Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Thailand, on behalf of ICNL -

One component of the research is to understand the experiences of WHRDs with OGBV through this survey:

The survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete, and the responses will be extremely valuable in identifying trends around OGBV in the region, as well as the impact of OGBV on WHRDs, with the goal of making evidence-based policy recommendations.

This was such a short-term project that we had to develop the survey ourselves. Our approach is Trauma-Informed. The entire survey has been designed to keep the privacy and safety of our participants at the centre since they might already be in danger of getting identified. We do not ask for any identifiers throughout the entire survey and most of the questions are voluntary. We have provided spaces for WHRDs who might be comfortable sharing further details.

We understand that this survey might not be relevant to everyone in your network; however, if you are able to help disseminate this to your networks in different countries and to WHRDs who might be a part of your network, this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.



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Hi Shraddha, did you get responses to the form? Best wishes


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