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Economic and Political Weekly, June 2024. Review of Women's Studies

Forum Italicum: A Journal of Italian Studies, SAGE Publications

Silberman School of Social Work/Hunter College MEAL Team Publication, May 2024

In/Visibility of Flight: Images and Narratives of Forced Migration, Ed by - Monika Mokre, Maria Six-Hohenbalken - Book

The Evaluation actors in Kenya, implementing the project titled Expanding Democratic Spaces for more inclusive and Equitable Governance and funded by IOCE and EvalPartners, conducted a 1 day training workshop and made presentations during the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) week. This was the 8th Kenya National M&E week, held at the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, Kisumu City, Kenya on 18th-22nd November 2019.The M&E week was organized by the Monitoring and Evaluation Department of The Ministry of National Treasury and Planning.

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