Strengthening Equity-focused evaluations through insights from feminist theory and approaches

This is MyM&E e-learning video on Equity-focused evaluations. The unit is entitled 'Strengthening Equity-focused evaluations through insights from feminist theory and approaches'. This unit is taught by Katherine Hay and Ratna M. Sudarshan. This video is public on youtube and full credit to My M&E learning course for this video.

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Comment by Enos Omondi on April 17, 2013 at 16:28

I find this very interesting. I am sure this the right way to go. However, I just want to highlight some areas that need to be addressed by development partners. They will be based on the five thematic areas. 


It is important to design evaluations in such a way that is gender friendly starting with the set of questions. However, some communities are so keen on NOT allowing the female gender to respond to surveyors requests. In cases where they are allowed, the customs are so stringent on the level of information that women can volunteer to the evaluators.


During evaluation design, a participatory method would be helpful. Here participation should not be restricted to only answering questions. The India Forest department rehabilitated forests by using women as key agents of change. They had a central role in the interventions in teh Panchayats.


Women's involvement is the validation and presentations of the results of an evaluation is key. One because they are human beings, members of the community and because they will offer a feminine eye in the report which as men we might overlook.  

I will comment on others later

Comment by Pramod Sharma on March 5, 2013 at 19:57

Hi! thanks for sharing the presentation very useful.

I am working for rural development for last 15 odd years. In rural India, women are overburdened by physical work and they work hard for a very little return. All our rural development programmes are planned in gender-sensitive manner and in the end of project we do all kind of audits and evaluations like Financial audits, Social audits and environmental audits and some of the evaluation. but I feel we should also have a gender-audit to see the impact of projects on women.. it could also used with the projects of industrialisation, constructions and all kind. Thanks and regards, Pramod

Comment by Anipa Anyelwisye on February 12, 2013 at 11:03

Nice topic, I like it.



Comment by DR. Mukesh bhachawat on February 4, 2013 at 20:17

wonderful to go through feminist lens . and all components . and evaluation needs to be embedding not the independent one .. I am beginner    defining feminist evaluation is  by doing . ,creating a learning community and applying reflexivity to practice .....    thanks

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