Work and Women's Economic Empowerment

Mubashira Zaidi, from ISST, authored the chapter, 'Work and Women's Economic Empowerment in Tribal Rajasthan, India' in part 3, Emerging Dimensions in the Understanding of Women’s Unpaid Work of the book!

Beneficiary Satisfaction Survey resources for humanitarian interventions?

Greetings all!

So nice to virtually meet everyone. I have not written before here but enjoyed seeing the conversations unfold in this community.

I work in humanitarian aid in the middle east. We are currently implementing an intervention targeting women and girls through a community center. I am trying to develop a beneficiary satisfaction survey (BSS) to conduct with beneficiaries of this space, and while I have examples for health and other sectors, I'm struggling to find examples of surveys within the gender space.

Does anyone have any suggestions or resources I should be looking at?

Thanks everyone!



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Hi Kelly

did you try


Sebert Kuhlmann, Anne K., Sara Gullo, Christine Galavotti, Carolyn Grant, Maria Cavatore, y Samuel Posnock. «Women’s and health workers’ Voices in open, inclusive communities and effective spaces (VOICES): measuring governance outcomes in reproductive and maternal health Programmes». Development Policy Review 35, n.o 2 (2017): 289-311.
Apart of dealing with health issues, especially the second one adds stuff about surveys/empowerment of women and info about the use of score cards (useful, according to
Wales, Joseph, Leni Wild, y Victoria Chambers. «CARE’s Experience with Community Score Cards: What Works and Why? - Synthesis Report». CARE and ODI, 2015.
Hope this helps
Quique Eguren

Good evening from D-Berlin, Kelly,
gender spaces represent a wide area of possible interventions such as 'Gender makes Business Sense' (GmBS) developed by GIZ in 2019 in South Africa, see for women in agriculture in technical vocational education and training. Let me know whether you can trace information you're seeking there, otherwise, I'll be sending you more. best for now, Susanne

(currently engaged with GIZ in another programme on migration in 13 countries) - contact: 

Hi Kelly,

You may find resources and somewhat similar studies conducted by the Population Council in Egypt. Please visit The Demographic and Health Survey includes many questions regarding female decision making, empowerment, domestic violence and so forth. You may find their work useful as well.  Please visit:

Hope this helps,



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