Calling Londoners: Gender and Evidence roundtable Thursday October 5th 15:30

Calling all Gender and EBPM people. On Think Tanks and the Overseas Development Institute are hosting a round-table this Thursday at 15:30 in London/UK. If you're in London, message me if you want to attend. 

We're going to be discussing the intersection of Gender & Evidence, and how evidence use is gendered. We'll also be discussing the ideal researcher which can be a gendered process!This is an opportunity to bring together two inter-connected debates that we have been having over the last few years about gendered implications of policy research, on the one hand, and the more practical aspects of the challenges and opportunities that women face in policy research institutions, or think tanks, on the other. 

ODI and On Think Tanks would like to explore these issues over a round table with interventions from researchers and practitioners with the objective of developing a research agenda to take these issues forward establishing a possible international working group on the subject.
For more information on the issues that we would be discussion please visit: and “Sex, knowledge and society: Is science gendered?” Hosted by Natasha Mitchell.   

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Am in London and would like to attend. Get me the details.


Hello Ramadhan,

You are welcome. Please come to ODI's offices tomorrow at 15:30 and ask for the Gender and Evidence seminar. You can find us at : 



Hi Josephine,

Sorry i couldnt make it - i had an emergent conflicting meeting at the Royal Physicians Hospital, so i was caught up.

Lets keep intouch on mail - i will reach out to you when i arrive in Kampala - Uganda


Ramadhan K.B

So sorry I missed this! Would love to hear more about it. Will there be a report from the round-table Josephine? 

Thanks everyone. We've had so much positive response. 

Please find a blog post about the event here: 


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