Can anyone share with me "global standards and best practices for tracking and responding to gender inequality and SGBV in MDAs".

 I am looking for literature on "how countries or projects/initiatives are tracking the impact of gender inequality and SGBV on maternal health and methods for following up and addressing identified challenges".

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Hi Atinuke, 

What does Mdas stand for? What will you use this literature for? This will help us suggest you the literature.



Here is a response from Linkedin...Thanks to Melinda for sharing!

Melinda Pavin

Independent Consultant in Health and Development

Check the C-Change Compendium of Gender Scales ( The GEM scale is listed here too, and is good at looking at gender inequality. These tools are not specific to SGBV, but they do look at gender inequality.

Thank you. This is helpful

Thank you Rituu, you have been so helpful


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