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Dear All,

I am Monika Banerjee working as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST), New Delhi. I am currently trying to compile the Annual Report of ISST for the year 2020-21.

As you know that this online platform on Gender and Evaluation is being hosted by ISST since 2013 and we at ISST are extremely happy to see the way your participation is constantly strengthening this platform year after year.

This year for the annual report, we thought of including some reflections on the experiences of being part of this large family. It will also give us an understanding of areas where gains are visible and those where more work is required. Therefore, I request you to kindly help us in posting some of your reflections in terms of your experiences of being a member of this gender and eval online community.

We would like to know what has been your experience till date of being a member of this online community and in what way has it helped your work and career.

Hoping to hear from you all soon.

warm regards,


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Hi Monika and Rituu,

I have enjoyed learning from the webinars and other members of this platform.  Many opportunities for learning and working have also been posted here and we appreciate.  A big thank you to our coordinators who are always there to share these opportunities.  Thank you.  Adeline from Uganda

Excellent webinars and links to jobs and resources. Thanks so much!

Dear Monica,

Its been a very valuable experience. I appreciate the pertinent topics of discussion and being kept abreast of emerging issues in different locations.


Kibibi Thomas

Hi Monika:

I have been a member in this community since several years and it is one of the most active communities I have, Almost on a weekly basis there is a new share either of an information of a publication, a webinar or a work opportunity, thanks mainly to our dear Rituu.

Hi Monika,

Thank you for conducting the survey. Gender Eval Online platform provides the global digital based linking and learning platform which is excellent for global efforts in moving towards more equitable world. Gender Eval has been continuously sharing information, knowledge, analytical products and lessons learned on gender based evaluation methodology, systems, approaches, practices as well as available opportunities. It has helped me to better understand gender informed monitoring evaluation and learning (MEL). I truly learned, inspired and undoubtedly thankful on the persistent efforts from Rituu in maintaining and navigating Gender Eval. I enjoyed reading the postings of gendereval online platform. I feel proud and empowered of being part of this online platform. Looking forward to hearing your survey result.

Hi Monica, 

It was been a great experience to be part of this community, as I was new in the field of M&E when I joined here. Learning about innovative methods and perspectives, latest happenings in the sector from across the world, has been truly enriching. Thank you for keeping the network to active and resourceful! 

Best wishes, 


Dear Monika,

This is a excellent platform to me to be updated on what's happening around the world on Gender and evaluation. Members of this platforms are cooperative. They publish news, events, opportunities that's are awesome. I am always grateful to all of you. 


Best Regards


Dear Monika, great space for networking, sharing knowledge, best practice, lessons learnt and opportunities. Great job done, thank you!

Dear Monika, ISST team has been hosting a variety of interesting and policy level discussions in the areas of gender and evaluation. Look forward to future dialogues enriched with active participation of academic fraternity.
- Rama Rao

Dear Monika

I am so happy that I am a member of this group and learned a lot. Specially Ritu is very friendly and always active to help when you have technical questions. Keep up the good work, and Stay Blessed!

Emebet from Ethiopia

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Pramod Sharma provided the following feedback on Gender and Evaluation:

Hello, Monika,


Very good platform to connect with many people across the globe,

Learning from the learning of others,

participated in many webinars,

Regularly informed about vacancies and various positions

Most important is community doesn’t discriminate me because of my age, region, religion, sex, look etc etc..

till now happy with the community.

Thank you 🙏

Best Regards


Thanks to the Platform. It has been more than a year I joined this network and have seen interesting discussion here, and learnt a lot with most of the forums, which makes this an important platform for discussion towards the improvement on how we think and do our work.




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