Dear All,

With growing health concerns around the COVID-19 outbreak and public health advisory,  Social distancing, event cancellations, and employee plans to work remotely is recommended.

Several conferences and events stand cancelled. Around the world many offices are shifting to work from home or  remote locations, may we collect resources and experiences on organising online meeting and keeping ourselves motivated. 

A well known knowledge Management specialist, Nancy White, has collated some resources here. Excellent initiative by her!

I invite you to share experiences related:

  1. What works in online events? What is a challenge and how have you mitigated them?
  2. What is your experience in hosting an online conference?
  3. Tools to facilitate  online meetings and Platforms for organising meetings
  4. How to work from home without losing one's productivity and life work balance? F



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Someone shared this resource on our mutual support community group:

Our member 

Diya Banerjee
Diya Banerjee
Communications professional I Outreach and media expert
So it was our first day, yesterday, at the International Labour Organization to start with teleworking. One thing that keeps teleworking effective is maintaining a Gantt chart of how your week may look with various work deadlines and even your scheduled break times. At the end of the day, I scribble on a post-it one line about how my day went. 5th September borns are a bit of a planning maniac, so teleworking makes my scheduling charts look like art :) Stay safe everyone, and maintain social distance.

Hosting online circles ( Amanda Fenton, on Facebook)

With many people finding themselves suddenly shifting their in-person circles and meetings to virtual/online, here are some previous blog posts and resources that might be useful:

Umi Hanik, Indonesia on twitter

I think via Zoom or Skype so far is sufficient to support online discussion on most m&e topics (provide slides sharing facility). But for theory of change facilitation is tough one. No idea on this, appreciate if someone can share their knowledge on this

Barbara Klugman, South Africa on email

Working from home? Video conference call tips for the self-isolating

From Nancy White

The Carey Institute is offering support to those who have to move teaching online, particularly those serving the underserved:

This is through their Center for Learning in Practice, which has been focused on supporting teachers of refugees. 

Moving Learning Online in Emergencies: Immediate Support
For NGOs, Ministries, Formal and Non-formal Educators
The Carey Institute is offering support to those who have to move teaching online, particularly those serving the underserved:

This is through their Center for Learning in Practice, which has been focused on supporting teachers of refugees. 
Dear Colleagues,

We know that right now, educators around the world are seeking to rapidly adapt their working arrangements to slow the spread of COVID-19. Your work is essential to the people you serve. That's why we're committed to supporting you and your team as you transition your work online during these uncertain times.

Regardless of your context, content, language, or experience, the Center for Learning in Practice is prepared to assist you in making the shift.

Virtual ice breaker

It's called Check-In Success, and it's a comprehensive guide to check-ins, the simple, powerful tool we often use at the start of meetings.

I created the site because so many leaders with whom I work don't use check-ins.  

Using them, and using them skillfully, is even more essential as greater numbers of meetings will be conducted virtually.

If I can get my act together, I hope to create a post directing people to the site (which is free of course).

Thanks, and best,



Richard Cohen, Principal

The Ultimate Tipsheet for Working Remotely

Organization(s):Bureau for Policy Planning and Learning
Date Published:April 18, 2019


I attended a important online event last septembre - they issued some guidelines on the bases of their experiences:

Thanks a lot for the constructive initiative, Rituu!

Keep safe, everbody!


Thanks Elisabeth!

Here are some resources to conduct online focus groups 

Roller, M. R  (2020, March 20). Focus Groups: Moving to the Online Face-to-face Mode. Retrieved from

Hello Rituu, 

Many thanks for initiating this useful discussion! I have just written a brief blog on a combined virtual/real life theory of change workshop, to contribute to the questions about online events.

Working from home has been my default mode for more than ten years in independent consulting. After the first year, I decided to turn my guest room into a study that I could close the door on at the end of the day. That really helped. For those who don't have a spare room, just designating a specific space for work may also help...

Stay safe!


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