Is anyone aware of any projects happening on the topic of rape and anthropology ? I was trying to work on a proposal and thought to ask around for help!

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I do not know of any project, but I was thinking that you need a case to work on it. There are papers that have studied rape through studying a case. Now, if you want to work on a case, then it should accessible since you would like to look at it from an anthropological approach. 

Hi Jasmine!

Some very interesting work has been done on rape in feminist anthropology. You might want to check out Christine Helliwell article on rape, feminism and difference. I am copying the j stor link to the article here, you can read it online :

Please let me know if you are unable to access it, I can share my copy of the article with you.

Hey Akanksha , Thanks a lot for the reply. I was unable to open the folder. I dont have access to JSTOR. I am currently doing the research independently so yes dependent on people sharing the folders with me. I was intrigued by this phenomena about how we in india do not have any research work done on rape and anthropology  why do men rape? . I recently came across Janaki Lenin's work on anthropology of Rape in animal kingdom. and the whole thought got triggered from there. 

Thanks Jasmine, I am sure Janaki Lenin's article would make an interesting read. Your research will definitely make an important contribution to a less researched area in the anthropology of gender and politics, in fact. Also, I can share my copy of Helliwell's article with you on drop box or through email. My email id is akanksha@feministevaluation. org

Please feel free to get in touch, in case you want this article or other material in the anthropology of gender. Its always great to be able to share resources :) 

Hi Jasmine/Akansha, in addition to the brillient piece by Helliwell- i find the work of Prem Chowdhry on gender based violence and her exploration of the concept of 'izzat' quite useful. Most of her work though focuses on north India/Haryana to be specific and has been published in EPW. The one i remember from the top of head is a paper called Enforcing Cultural Codes-Gender and Violence in Northern India. Hope this helps!!

Dear jasmine,

try following paper on

hope it will be of help, it would be really good to know about research questions you have, hope to hear from you.




Thanks a lot guys. this is really helpful. I would love to start discussing issues very soon. Let me grapple with some basic foundation issues first and I will post my research questions soon. Its always nice to hear different perspectives on the same question! 


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