Unique opportunity of Scholarship for blended Gender Mainstreaming in Development Programming course

Dear all,

Although my post is not directly addressing evaluations, it is very much linked to the work we do. 

You may know people that would really like to learn more about how to mainstream gender justice and social inclusion (for example, people may feel a worry or anxiety about how to make gender equality work, after you finished a gender focused evaluation for them..).

There is a unique opportunity at this moment: for the first time the blended course of MDF - 4 weeks online, 8 days face-to-face - received full scholarship by the OKP programme, managed by Nuffic and financed by the Dutch government. Deadline of application is 28th of March!

Please follow this link for more information: https://mdf.nl/full-scholarships.

Our concern is to spread the word, so more and more people working in development projects and programmes will actually know how to make a difference!

Hady Klaassen

MDF Training & Consultancy

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Thanks for sharing Hady!


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