Just to keep our members updated, a draft of Chapters 1 - 5 went out to our Advisory Group of awesome people with expertise in different aspects of systems and/or evaluation practice. We look forward to their reviews!

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Anne, are you able to share a copy of your GEMS publication (Stephens, A., Lewis, E., & Reddy, S. (Forthcoming). The Inclusive Systemic Evaluation Approach for Gender Equality, Environments, and voices from the Margins (GEMs): A Guide for Evaluating the SDGs. UN Women. New York.)? best wishes, John

Hi John. Thanks for responding to this post which is a bit dated but I am happy to confirm that the final text is now with the graphic designer, being prepared for publication. We are hoping it will be available in May if there are not too many complications with this final stage of the document's journey.  The citation for this will be:

Stephens, A., Lewis, E. D., & Reddy, S. M. (2018). Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender Equality, Environments and Marginalized Voices (ISE4GEMs): A New Approach for the SDG Era. UN Women. New York.

I will announce its availability in this forum when it is ready.  You might also like to read that we have had an article about the Guide published in the peer-reviewed journal Evaluation.  

Co-author, Ellen Lewis will be joining me here in Australia for the month of May - time for us to formulate our next steps and a great chance to talk to you and your colleagues about the Guide and its application.

Cheers Anne

Thanks Anne for this exchange. I'm sorry I didn't pick up these posts when they first appeared  - everything in its time though! I can't access your journal article - any chance of posting on Research Gate? I am certainly looking forward to reading your Guide when it is published and it would be good to talk to you and Ellen when she is with you in May. All best, John


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