Evaluation: comissioned by PAX (Dutch Organisation) on Gender in relation to Peace and Security

PAX means peace. PAX, a Dutch organisation, starts up and supports local peace initiatives and mobilizes moral, political and financial support internationally and in the Netherlands. PAX operates in 15 countries in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, South-eastern Europe and the Caucasus. In its peace and security work PAX focuses directly on women, but also integrates gender analysis and gender perspective in broader security issues in the context of fragile and repressive settings. 

For more information about PAX please see: www.paxforpeace.nl  


PAX commissioned an independent evaluation of its work on gender at organisational level, and programme wise with a specific focus on East Africa and Middle East which will take place in March – April 2015.


The evaluation aims to answer the following questions:

     How and to what extent is PAX’ strategic vision on gender integrated in PAX’  policies and procedures programme development and implementation?

     How and to what extent is a gender analysis integrated in context analyses and the Theories of Change, both implicitly and explicitly?

     How, and to what extent are these analyses on gender translated into interventions in the programmes on the ground and how relevant are these?

     Which strategies and “best and worst practices” on gender in relation to peace building can be determined in the current work of PAX and its partners?


For further information on this assignment please contact Anke Kluppels (Programme Leader Gender, kluppels@paxforpeace.nl, +31- (0)6 204 209 67; or Jurrie de Hart (Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor PAX, dehart@paxforpeace.nl, +31- (0)6 48 10 28 81).


Applications including a brief motivation letter, CV, initial plan and budget and evaluation matrix in English, should be forwarded by 28 February 2015 to Jurrie de Hart (dehart@paxforpeace.nl).

Tor Evaluation - PAX - Gender in relation to peace and security

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