Investigation on Women's Allocation of Time In India, Indonesia, and China (November 2015)

There is extensive literature on poverty, gender equality, and sustainable development but few data and information regarding how the use of time affects such issues. This report, through facts and figures, clearly shows that time spent in unpaid employment, mainly by women, contributes to economic growth even if it is generally ignored in economics. Therefore provides motivation for time use surveys (TUSs) to measure, monitor, and understand economic and social consequences of many policies, especially in developing countries.

An important implication is the recognition that, in the three countries analyzed - India, Indonesia, and China -, the society would benefit if women were given voice outside the home. Engaging women in paid work would add to economic growth, reduce population growth and its impact on scarce resources and environmental degradation, reduce poverty, provide justification of higher levels of education, and increase the diversity of different types of businesses.

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Comment by Laura Gagliardone on December 17, 2016 at 9:48

Dear Ms. Ghosh, it is my pleasure so we can learn together and advance development and foster innovation. The report includes Evaluation findings which might be of your interest. Also, the women’s allocation of time theme has been approached in slightly different ways for the three countries under consideration: India, Indonesia, and China. India has done an outstanding work in classifying the SNA, Ex-SNA, and non-SNA activities in 3 categories and 9 groups. And over 2015/2016 I believe that the GoI has undertaken another TUS at country level with the purpose to incorporate the data and information in the government national accounts. Have a great day, Laura Gagliardone

Comment by Anweshaa Ghosh on December 15, 2016 at 8:38

Thank you for sharing this very important work. We at ISST are currently working on the GrOW Project with IDS on how women balance their care work and paid work in the two countries of India and Nepal. This Report would be of much use to us. 

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