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Registration EvalFest (12 – 14, February 2020), Delhi

will feature keynote addresses, expositions on technical aspects, poster presentations and highly interactive sessions and innovative evaluation practices through the concept of Innovation Bazaar. Registration for participation in the event is free.For registration open the link here:

Regional Deliberation for Evaluation Conclave

Here is a short note on participation of Institute of Social Studies trust's (ISST)team at Regional Deliberation for Evaluation Conclave.

A series of regional deliberations are being held to outreach for the Evaluation Conclave in Feb 2013, Nepal. Today, I had the opportunity to attend the Delhi event with my team mate Shraddha Chigateri. Both of us are part of ISST's project 'Engendering Policy through Evaluation'.

Objectives of the Deliberations are: (a) Connect evaluators and other stakeholders at the national, state and grassroots level, (b) Facilitate insights on the evaluation practices, policies, participation of stakeholders and utilization of evaluation, (c) Document and feed highlights of the debates and issues into the Conclave.  

The deliberation brought together about 40 local evaluation practitioners, academicians, policy makers, NGOs, students and government organizations who may not be able to participate in the Conclave 2013. There were presentations on Community of Evaluators (CoE) and the Conclave. Now  CoE is open to all interested in subject of evaluation. You can join online at 

There were presentations on impact evaluation, utilisation of evaluation and building demand for evaluation. A very interesting deliberation centred on challenges and strategies to feed evaluation findings into policy.  

I was delighted to meet some of our community members- Katherine Hay and Leena Sushant at the event. We had an opportunity to learn from Katherine who chaired two sessions. It was a pleasant surprise to briefly come across Vimalaji and Prerna at the same venue.  

You can see photos of the event at:

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Comment by Rituu B Nanda on January 21, 2013 at 8:36

Response from Anita Rego on India civil Society online platform

                Comment by Anita Victorina Rego 41 minutes ago

A great move towards theoretical frameworks in evaluation.  Theory based evaluations can change the way one looks at results and outcomes of most of our programs which are largely women focused and community centered programs.   Looking from the prism of feminist theory of evaluation can be the answer.  I really missed being a part of this deliberations and look forward for regional deliberations in the future.

Comment by Rituu B Nanda on January 21, 2013 at 8:35

Response from Anand on India civil society facebook group

Anand Chaudhuri nice post rituu, i am a member of CoE....was just talking to shiv a while back on the nepal conclave...there should be a regional conference in pune/maharashtra as well...

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