Socioeconomic Mobility (rich to poor and vice versa) during Pandemic

Due to various reasons (mainly because of privatization ) people’s movement is very rapid from one economic class to another in last 15-20yrs. Many poor people  migrated to urban area and worked in construction industry, many middle class people migrated abroad and worked in IT.. Many are migrating temporarily for few months. All these activities are good support in growth and some times changed their economic class. But when they lose  that job, they move back in same economic class. We also observed that many rich people failed in their business and they shifted to other economic classes.  similarly, in many cases, many women start getting private jobs in nearby areas, which also increased income of families in recent years. 

During all these years, we have observed that many are getting employment and several are losing the job.. and it is affecting their income and their economic class is changing accordingly.  One year people consider themselves to be rich, and after losing their jobs in a few years, they start feeling poor. And then get rich when they  get a job.  

To face such vertical movement is very difficult for the people in the countries where population is high and consequently very tough competition exists for survival. 

Many governments safety net programmes are developed for people who belong to certain fixed economic class from rich to poor  ( for example people of poor section of society are receiving  benefits from government). 

 Such inter class vertical mobility are generally not covered in any program. Many people are facing serious problems . There is a need to study such mobilities  in society specially during pandemic  and try to involve such people. 

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