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Researcher and Evaluator

Dictionary meaning of a Researcher is as below

 someone who studies a subject, especially in order to discover new information or reach a new understanding:

 And dictionary meaning of an evaluator is a person who assesses the amount, extent, or value of something. 

If we understand from the definitions of both, then it is clear that there will be difference in the approach of both, their mindset, body language, appearance will be different. In addition,…


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Socioeconomic Mobility (rich to poor and vice versa) during Pandemic

Due to various reasons (mainly because of privatization ) people’s movement from one economic class to another is very rapid in last 15-20yrs. Many poor people  migrated to urban area and worked in construction industry, many middle class people migrated abroad and worked in IT.. Many are migrating temporarily for few months. All these activities are good support in growth and some times changed their economic class. But when they lose  that job, they…


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Communication:- Murmuring, Whispering, Voice and Noise and art of listening and understanding

Communication is a 2 way process. which involves an expresser and a listener. 

Murmuring is the reaction to uneasy feelings. It takes some time to find words to express in the community. It is very common among poor and fearful people. It is one kind of complain, expression of dissatisfaction and protest but not in clear words. It is a personal expression related to personal problem in search of help from outside. 

Outsider can only see the dissatisfaction and…


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Skill upgrading demands during pandemic time

Skill upgrading is a desire to grow, but it is not the solution to reduce unemployment.  During Pandemic, it is not easy for people to learn new skills or additional skills to get the job for survival. 

To fight with unemployment, institutions and authorities need to upgrade themselves to utilize available skills in different areas. Many computer operators are available and looking for jobs and there are several areas where computers…


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Post Pandemic:- Metamorphosis or transformation?

Metamorphosis and transformation both indicate changes.  One of the major difference I feel is, in metamorphosis, situation can’t be reversed . If a caterpillar changed in to the butterfly, can’t go back in pupa stage or Larvae  stage.  Butterfly needs to learn flying instead of relearning crawling like larvae. 

After Pandemic, situation is changed a lot for many people who can’t go back into the situation as it was before pandemic.…


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human rights of rural women and sustainable development

Sustainable development and human rights both need equal opportunities in the policies. Sometimes human rights of rural women and children do not get space in programmes of sustainable development. For example in the tiger reserve forest areas, incidences of malnourishment among the women and children are more in comparison to urban area. Similarly, access to education, health facilities and transport facilities are poor. Women are working hard for cutting the fire wood and carry it on head…


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