Women's Rights Campaigning: Info-Activism Toolkit

We at Tactical Technology Collective have just launched the 'Women's Rights Campaigning: Info-Activism Toolkit.'  It is a new guide for women's rights activists, advocates, NGOs and community based organisations who want to use technology tools and practices in their campaigning:


In the context of Gender and Evaluation, perhaps some more interesting sections are: Monitoring and Documenting, which reviews different strategies of using simple digital tools for collecting information:



Campaign Analytics, which goes over some basic tools to track online exposure and outreach, like how to find out how many visitors have been to a website, or what conversations are happening about certain topics on social media networks: 


There is also an 'examples' section which shows of how different groups have implemented these strategies in their work, and a 'tools' section which looks a bit closer at how to use specific tools, like etherpads, crowdsourcing platforms, or cloud computing.

The website is now translated into Hindi, Arabic, and Kiswahili, and will soon be in Bangali as well, and has been created as part of CREA's New Voices / New Leaders: Women Building Peace and Reshaping Democracy project.

As it is newly launched, it would be good to get some feedback of people who work in this field.  Many thanks!


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Comment by Julia Espinosa on July 25, 2014 at 13:27

Congratulations for so interesting work. This is really useful for all the people involved in improving transparency and accountability as well as in ensuring women's rights.

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