World Health Day Planned Activity in malawi

 Our Organisation is planning to organising the World Health Day on 7th April 2018 in Malawi with following activities.

 Goal: The goal is to advocate increase for health financing to achieve UHC 2030


  1. To advocate for government commits to implement credible and alternative funding models for achieving UHC without Financial risk to users.
  2. To ensure every person accessing essential health services in any public facility equitably and without any difficulties.

 The proposed project activity has MK6,329,500.00 and we are looking for supporters.

write to, +265 884309820 (whatsapp)

  • Activities

Activity under objective A:

  1. Conduct a World health Day UHC 2030 Golf Tournament.

Under the activity, Vice President of Malawi will grace the tournament. Additionally the activity will be attended by Chief executive of Companies, Embassies and Executive Directors of the international organisations, national CSOs. The activity will require support in terms of tournament Cap, Golf T-shirts, Refreshments, and media for coverage of event.


  1. Conduct live high level panel discussion on world health day 7th April 2018

The panel discussion will have 40 policy makers, 40 private companies, 40 Civil Society Organisations, 20 International organisations, 20 Embassies and 20 media houses totaling to 180 participants. The activity will be live on ZBS TV, Radio, MBC Radio, Times TV and radio for 2 hours.  The activity will have 6 panelists (Policy Maker-MP, WHO, CSO, Private Sector, Ministry of Health, GIZ/P4H). The activity will reach 75% of the population through various modes of communication i.e. print and electronic. The activity will require media coverage, banners, and transport refund for some officials. The activity will be graced by Presidential Advisor for CSOs in Malawi.


Activities under objective B:

  • Conduct district World Health Day campaign for UHC2030

This activity will be done in one of the region of Malawi upon recommendation of the sponsor. It is expected that over 70% of the targeted region will be reached. The event will be graced by the mayor of the selected region, CSO, Government Departments, Community members, dancers, private sectors.

The campaign will require placards, Media coverage, water, banners, and transport refund for participants.  It is believed that over 1000 persons will be involved in the campaign.  

 Intended outcomes:

  • Government commits to implement credible and alternative funding models for achieving UHC 2030 without financial risk to users.
  • Every person should be ensures of accessing essential health services in any public facility equitably and without any difficulties.
  • Increased awareness of reporting any corrupt practices in health sector
  • Number of accurate stories on UHC2030 published
  • Number of engagements with media
  • A media taskforce on UHC formed
  • World Health Day/UHC2030 social media platforms established
  • Number of citizen led actions conducted
  • Number of citizens led platforms strengthened/established
  • Number of MP/decision makers reached with massages of UHC2030
  • Increased networking among various service providers i.e. Companies, IDP, Embassies, and CSOs.
  • Number of constituencies reached
  • Number of policy briefs


  • The target participants

The activity will target WHO, UNDP, CONGOMA, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, ACB, MACRA, DHOs, OXFAM, P4H, UHCC, Malawi Human Rights Commission, HRDs, St Johns of God Hospital, District Health Officer (DHO), Political Parties- Member of Parliament (MP), Information Department, Ministry of Gender, NICE Trust, Media Houses (print and electronic) i.e. ZBS a private media which comprises TV and Radio, Times TV, News Paper and Radio, Nyasa Times, National News Papers, Mzuzu City Mayor, CSO Leaders.


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Comment by Amon Lukhele on May 6, 2018 at 18:14


Sorry for delaying the response.

If ultra-poor access health services without financial attached. 

Its simple if ultra-poor communities are able to access services within recommended distance .i.e. referral hospitals are not for any diseases unless the case has been referred from health center/ district hospitals.

I have not come across with a local evaluation association in Malawi. I have been in the system of CSO sector since 2004.


Comment by Rituu B Nanda on May 2, 2018 at 14:41

Thanks for sharing. How are you ensuring that most disadvantaged are able to access services? 

How do you measure your progress? Are you associated with any local evaluation association in Malawi?  It will be wonderful to learn from you. Warm greetings!

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