Cutting-Edge M&E: A Guide for Practitioners Online Course

We would like to say thank all our students for participating in our Cutting-Edge M&E: A Guide for Practitioners course and providing such a great feedback on the course:

“After the course, I came out with a new way of looking at M&E that I can apply in my work. I now have an improved knowledge of how to best design and carry out project monitoring from the project development phase, in a way that links to and supports evaluation. The course equipped me with a toolbox of evaluation techniques and resources/materials on how and when to apply them.”

“My knowledge and practice of M&E was self-taught, developed over time through professional practice, working with expert partners, and reviewing methodological studies. I never received any formal training. The course helped me to refine my existing knowledge of M&E principles and practices, to expand the range of tools and approaches I can leverage in conducting M&E and to identify some effective approaches to teach basic M&E skills to my colleagues.”

“The course provided me with an opportunity to know what challenges others face in M&E and how they solve it.”

“The course taught how to make M&E practice impactful. I think the concrete examples, especially around the main challenges surrounding M&E implementation, were very useful. I also gained an understanding of the mixed methods for evaluation and learned how to implement them”.

“The course helped to fill gaps in knowledge in the areas of methods and strategies for evaluation. I learned about evaluation frameworks and how to apply monitoring and evaluation to different settings.”

“I had an informal experience in the M&E field but no formal education. This course offered me an educational support I was missing to become a knowledgeable M&E practitioner.”

Enrolment in the Cutting-Edge M&E: A Guide for Practitioners course is currently open. You can register online on the course webpage:

We will be happy to welcome you as our student and help you in your professional development. A personalised trainer support and flexible study time are offered with all our courses.

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