Cyberbullying and Social Media Impact Workshop in Mumbi

Join an engaging and experiential workshop discussing the unfurling social media and  its challenges and benefits 

Empowering and Engaging Today’s School Children and Teenagers in the Age of Social Media: For Teachers/School Administrators and School Counselors

TRAINING DATES: February 9th and 10th, 2018, 9:00mam to 5:00 pm (both days)       

VENUE:                  Willingdon Catholic Gym, Church Avenue, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai

This workshop is timely and relevant, given the multitude of suicides, isolation and mental health struggles among our children and students. It will offer evidence-based tools and techniques that will be easy to apply in classroom and school settings.


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Although, I can't attend the workshop myself, as I will be based in Delhi and will move to UK on 10th morning, I will love to know about the project. And, would love to see how I can contribute, considering its potential implications. 

Best wishes


So happy to hear of your interest Maheswar!

I will certainly share your interest with Laxmi Laxmiparmeswar and Positive Outcome who is helping the event. Maybe we can work out getting some handouts to you. Thanks so much for your interest. We hope to do more of these workshops. If your school or organization is interested we can look at doing one there.

Kind regards


Hi Maheswar

Hope this finds you well. I am back in the US and love to connect with you. Would you be available in the next week to for a Skype chat?

Kind regards


Hi Cynthia, 

Sorry I could not reply you earlier. I have been travelling a lot after I came back to India on 28th. I am in fact once again travelling starting in next few hours for 2 conferences inside India. 

I am happy to have a skype chat anytime Indian Evening (18-23 pm) on/after 13th March. 

My Skype id is: maheswar.satpathy

Please add me up

Look forward to talk to you soon

Best Wishes


HI Maheswar

I just sent an invite via Skype. How is March 8th at 830 or 9pm or March 10th at 1030pm or March 12th at 930pm India time? Let me know if other times seem better. Look forward!! 

Hi Cynthia, 

Apologies for the delay. But life is very hectic these days with multiple deadlines everyday. 

Let's take this skype call as per your convenience between 6-11.30 pm IST anyday. 

Add me up, and send me an email confirming the date. I usually dont keep skype on always, so I need to be informed if you are calling someday. 


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