EvalFest 2018 is a three-day event that aims to contribute to building a cultureof evaluation through advocacy, and capacity building by sharing knowledgeabout best practices, approaches and evaluation methods that are participatory,contextual, replicable and adaptable.This event is conceptualized with the belief that every stakeholder involved with the process of development has something critical and mutually reinforcing to bring to the field of evaluation.


EvalFest provides the convening space to bring all together to have collective ideas. The

event is envisaged to be inclusive and participatory for a range of actors from beneficiaries

through to policymakers.The point of intersection for these diverse actors is their interest and involvement in some or

the other way in development process, monitoring and evaluation of development programs.

EvalFest 2018 willprovide space for and encourage less traditional forms of information sharing, such as theatreand storytelling using drawing, photos or oral histories (Visibility for all) to focus onevaluation experiences from non-traditional voices in evaluation conferences (Voice for all).Possible themes will focus on the multiple types of values that evaluation can have and reducemisunderstanding and anxieties that people might have about it. (How to Value evaluationstaking out Fear of evaluation and enhance their use)


We plan to have a participatory session on innovative practices in evaluation- methodologies/tools/ technology/application and outcomes/innovation in disseminations etc., through the format of an ‘Innovation Bazaar’.


What is an ‘Innovation Bazaar’?A bazaar is an area where goods and services are exchanged or sold. Our ‘Innovation Bazaar’ is where individuals/organisations can present their innovative ideas around evaluation and in exchange can get participants feedback and response to their presentations. The bazaar will be in the form of a space with each participant/organization given to present their innovative ideas, and the participants visit the ‘bazaar stall’ to hear from the presenters on the innovations. Presentations can use innovative medium e.g. story-telling, slideshows, posters etc. (In order to minimize disturbance with other presentations using audio speakers would not be allowed). Presenters will need to bring their own laptops, projectors, charts, etc. for showcasing their innovations.


 If you would like to share please send us short note on 250 words:


  1. Innovation in what particular field (be as specific as possibleandit should have a close relation to evaluation)
  2. What can others learn from it?
  3. Was done by whom, and where?


Submission should include the following:


Name of presenter(s)

Name of organization

Title of presentation

Contact details

(Phone, Email id)


The last date for submission is 20th January 2018. Kindly send your submissions to







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