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Evaluation resources for women's political skills and cadidacy program

Hi All,

I am currently working on the evaluation of a women's political candidacy engagement and training program (using DAC criteria).  I would love to see any evaluations of similar projects, especially in post-conflict situations and/or in the MENA region.

Thank you!

Warm regards,


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Dear Melissa,

I trust this message finds you well.

I'd like to share with you the end-of term valuation of AMAL regional programme for "Supporting Women’s Transformative Leadership in the MENA Region in Changing Times" implemented by Oxfam GB and Oxfam Novib in the MENA region (Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine, and Yemen). It supported the political and economic empowerment of women's rights organizations & their constituencies as well as grassroots during and after the Arab Spring.

I hope this report is insightful and I'm happy to support you in your evaluation work.

Many Blessings.....


Dear Hana,

This is lovely!  Thank you very much for sharing. 

Dear Melissa:

I would like to share with You here the publication of the evaluation I did for UN Women in Egypt about the  thematic evaluation of women’s leadership and political participation and  UN Women‘s contribution to gender equality and the empowerment of women particularly in the political spheres in Egypt.

Evaluation of UN Women’s Contribution to Women’s Leadership and Political Participation in Egypt http://gate.unwomen.org/Evaluation/Details?evaluationId=11205

best of luck in your work.

Dear Dr. Huber,

Many thanks for sending me this reference.  I cannot wait to dive in! 

You welcome dear best of luck always

Dr. Huber,

Thank you again for your generosity.  Do you think it would be possible to share the Inception Report from this project?  I am always looking for better ways to organize and present this information! 



Thank you Dr Soumaya for your response. Am glad that we can learn from you.

thank You dear we all learn from each other  :))

Hi Melissa, you might like to consider intersectionality lens in your evaluation framework. I had read a study on this related to local government female leaders but cannot find it. 

We had a discussion in our community on intersectionality. See if you find it useful https://gendereval.ning.com/forum/topics/intersectional-approach-to...

Best wishes for your evaluation. Hope you will share your learning from the experience.

Hi Melissa! I'm not an expert in evaluating this subject, but I've been working in the sector a long time, happy to help if you need some brains to storm...njdemeter@gmail.com


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