Hi, I am the executive director of a small feminist fund based in Israel. After 11 years of operation, we ar interested in conducting a formative evaluation research to assess our impact and inform our future strategies. Any ideas or information about foundations we can apply to for funding will be greatly appreciated

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Hi Hamutal,

I came across this announcement. Please see if it is useful Small Grants to Support Evaluations (https://t.e2ma.net/click/k3y0s/kfcngl/4mjlcf)

The MEASURE Evaluation project is pleased to announce a request for applications (RFA) for its small grants program to support an evaluation topic that has been identified as a country-led health priority. The primary objectives of this program are:

To build capacity among local researchers to conduct and participate in a rigorous evaluation related to a health topic, and

To support research gaps through the development of evaluations to inform programmatic or policy decision-making related to health.

Given that implementation of a full evaluation is likely to exceed the time and budget available for a small grant, the small grants are expected to focus on a component of a rigorous evaluation. Examples include, but are not limited to the development of an evaluation protocol, addition of a qualitative component to an existing evaluation, or analysis of previously collected data to address an evaluation question.

Eligible candidates include country or regional academic institutions or centers, non-profit and for-profit research organizations, parastatals, and research-focused NGOs.

See the full RFA and find out how to apply (https://t.e2ma.net/click/k3y0s/kfcngl/kfklcf).

Hi Hamoutal,

I can't believe how round about this quesion has gone. I would be very happy to talk to you about this. After all we live in the same country! Please contact me or tell me how to contact you.

Best wishes, Barbara chairperson of the Israeli Association for Program Evaluation. rosenteinbarbara@gmail.com

Hi Barbara, just sent you a reply e-mail but it bounced back. Here's what I wrote:

Hello Barbara,
Thank you for your reply to my post on gender and evaluation. As I wrote, we are looking for funding to conduct an evaluation research to assess our impact as a fund and to inform our future action strategies. Here's a link to our website, so you can learn more about us. http://www.dafnafund.org.il/en/
Would love to talk to you and hear your ideas where we may turn to for funding.

Our member Jindra Cekan suggests:

Join listserve of Funds for NGOs, they feature lots of funders.

Thank you, I will check this out.

Rockefeller Foundation, John Hopkins University

Try Global Fund For Women for support for this. Google them. Change Matrix that they use is extremely good for assessing partners from a feminist lens. Look at their own evaluation- which is more summative.   However, I introduced this methodology with with TEWA, Nepal a feminist fund for both formative and summative evaluations. Best Ranjani


Thank you so much!

Dear Hamutal,

The change matrix framework (largely known as Gender at Framework) as mentioned by Ranjani would be very useful for any impact evaluation. While using this framework, gender power analysis must be done. Oxfam very recently has also evolved with a strategy known as Transformative Leadership for Women's Rights. This can be viewed in Oxfam's website.

Thanks & Regards,


Thank you! We are using Making the Case, an evaluation tool developed by the Women's Funding Network, but we wanted to do an external research as well, looking back at our work in our 11 years of operation and forming and informing our future strategies.


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