Favourite picture from the Pastoral study

Prateek favourite photo from the pastoral study. This photo is something which I could relate to. We could point out before going to the field how pastoral woman's work does not find itself within the women and work discourse but it was after understanding the relationship of women with animals, we could understand the nature of "work" which a pastoral woman does. 


Gender and Theory of Change. Women victims of trafficking

It is a pleasure to greet you.

I write because I am doing an evaluation through the Theory of Change. I would like to know if you have references of evaluations through this

The program that I am evaluating is about the persecution of persons from Africa to Europe motivated by gender reasons (mainly women and
LGBTI collective) and international protection. I would like to find evaluations related to this subject, and evaluations about projects regarding women victims of trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation.

Thank you very much in advance and warm regards,

Irene García Palud.

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Dear Irene

Studies may have been reported. I know of a case study -

A girl unaware of the  world starts her journey  ,graduates, masters, post graduate and  docterate- she  collects experiences  - makes her choices takes to spiritual anchor and learns that in her sexual energy is creatively  jumped  from physical to emotional to intellectual and  spiritual dimension before she could  stabilize them in any one dimension. Ofcourse it took her good 30 years  during which she was trafficked but she was  within growing at such a pace that she could only see her academic or career arrest resulting from people's frustration about her. Her life  within  was in dynamic state all the time.

I see her now as completely arrived  but there is no way she can give tangible evidence except that all were jealous of her inner growth and did not know how to apply her spiritual  strength  to work and  get going.

I find this case study very fitting but as I said it could be champion of  trafficking  but not victim.



Dear Minal,

Thank you very much for your answer, the truth is that it is a very interesting case, thank you very much for share it with me.
At the moment the evaluation that I am doing is focuses mainly on a process of investigation with the trafficked women and in an investigation for actions of political incidence to be recognized as subject to the right of asylum.
It is a very interesting subject, for this I like to read about studies and previous evaluations.

Thank you very much again, for me it is a pleasure to be able to share concerns with other feminist evaluators around the world.

Warm regards,


Dear Irene

For any reference regarding women trafficking, asylum and/or international protection delivered you should check amid UNHCR papers and programmes funded in Italy with this specific focus. Unfortunately I have just followed a mid term review of a project funded by EU in South Africa on capacity building of CSO working to promote LGBTI rights which is not exactly what are you looking for



Thank you very much Sara,

Mi piace molto il italiano, quindi mi sará piú facile leggere i documenti che mi dicci.
La ringrazio molto di nuovo per l' raccomandazione,

un affettuoso saluto,


Hola Irene, yo he usado Teorías de cambio en diferentes evaluaciones y estaría encantada de compartir mi experiencia si te interesa. Mandame un privado y vemos cómo podemos hablar.

Hola María, he leido que trabajaste evaluaciones bajo el paradigma de ta ToC. Me interesaría mucho poder contar con algún material. Desde ya muchas gracias y saludos.

Hola Viera! creo que el material que ha compartido Rituu puede servirte bien. Todo lo que tenemos nosotras es en inglés de todos modos. Nosotras solemos utilizar la teoría de cambio para entender la red de suposiciones e hipótesis que subyacen un proyecto concreto. Por un lado eso nos permite diseñar la evaluación (y las preguntas) en torno a las mismas, permitiendo testar los diferentes elementos del modelo lógico de cambio. Por otro lado, como también indica Rituu nos permite entender los diferentes modelos mentales con los que trabajan los diferentes grupos del interés del proyecto, que no siempre coinciden. En mi opinión es una metodología útil que ayuda a entender mejor el proyecto de cambio (más allá del marco lógico concreto) y a enfocar mejor la evaluación. Cualquier cosa, seguimos dialogando. Un saludo!

Thanks for the excellent response and an opportunity to learn from you dear Maria!

Dear María and Rituu,
Thank you both. I am very interested in the documents and experiences regarding the ToC evaluation methodology. I used the ROM but I wish to triangulate it with other approaches as well.
Do you know if there is something in French as well?
Thank you, thank you and warm greetings.

Hola María,

Te agregué como amistad para poderte escribir en mensaje privado.

Ante todo agradezco mucho tu respuesta y ánimo en compartir tu experiencia conmigo.

Estaría encantada de poder coversar, así que cuando quieras hablamos,

un saludo y gracias de nuevo,


Hi Irene,

In case you have not read it,  here is a good reference 

Rogers, P. J. (2008). Using programme theory to evaluate complicated and complex aspects of interventions. Evaluation14(1), 29-48.

We used some elements from this book and used in Evaluation which was an endline. The project did not have any Theory of change. The evaluation team upon reading the documents and reports of the project prepared a ToC. We realised how disconnected different elements of the project were. As we were trying to be more participative, we did an evaluation design workshop with the NGO and the community. We facilitated development of Theory of change with first with NGO project staff and the with the community. When we compared all the the theories of change by us, NGO and community we realised how our perspective varied and how deep it was with the community as it was their lived experience. The community here were a group of women and girls ( from different castes, religion, locations and age group) and some mothers. the project was focused on building vocational capacity of girls and women. Community members joined from different districts and where they could not come, they joined through skype. 

Thereafter we used the final version of Toc to draft the questionnaire of the Evaluation and analyse the data collected. 

Dear Rituu,

thank you very much for your reply.

I have read Rogers, I think their contributions have been a guide in my evaluation experience.
Thank you very much for sharing the case, I am sure it has been a very interesting evaluation process that makes women and girls and their interests visible.

Many thanks again for the advice and sharing your experience,

warm regards,



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