Online Consultation : Use of Arts in Evaluation

Online Consultation: Use of Arts in Evaluation

9th Nov- 6:30 pm India time

This is an add-on from Rituu's post for the newest publication from ISST. 

Please see a new publication on feminist research from the Global South. You may know some of the authors!!

An edited book has been brought out recently by Zubaan entitled, "Voices and Values: The Politics of Feminist evaluation", edited by Ratna M. Sudarshan and Rajib Nandi.  The contributoirs are: Venu Arora | Sneha Bhat | Pallavi Gupta | Vasundhara Kaul | Renu Khanna | Seema Kulkarni | Ranjani K. Murthy | Rajib Nandi | Srinidhi Raghavan | Neha Sanwal | Shubh Sharma | Ratna M. Sudarshan | Enakshi Ganguly Thukral | Sonal Zaveri

The papers of the book are comprised of the chapters written by the small research grantees from the first phase of Gender Transformative Evaluation project at ISST. You may please follow the links below to know more on the book or to procure a soft/print copy.

To know more on the book:

The book is currently available for purchase on the Zubaan webstore

Additionally, the Kindle version is available on Amazon:


And another e-book version is on Google Play:

And a request - if you are aware of publications from the South Asian region by South Asian authors, please do send links!



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