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Hi everyone, 

I'm looking for someone that can share their expertise on M&E of disaster relief efforts, particularly in sharing how funders should be thinking about assessing their own effectiveness in disaster relief funding. The audience would be with a group of corporate funders. Please contact me directly if interested and I can provide more details. Thanks!


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Hi Lisa, 

I need more information about your requirement, however, i would not be able to speak but i can try to give some points which can be useful. So please reply for exact requirement as i have worked as a M&E office for 2 years. 

Thanks Vicky for responding

Hello Lisa, a bit more details could be useful!

One point you might want to share is that assessment of effectiveness can be dangerous if it leads to narrow monitoring frameworks! My suggestion for funders would be to be curious, and to help their partners to discover unexpected results, ripple effects. The one thing I learnt in doing evaluations is that the most interesting things are often "swept under the carpet" as people are busy reporting on plan. 

Hello Lisa, it would be great to share more details. I have a bachelors in Disaster Management and have been conducting evaluations for the last five years. My general contribution is to look beyond monitoring frameworks that leave most of the real information hidden and not explored.  

I will be happy to be involved and feel free to get in touch  on

My name is Patrick Gitahi Muthomi, with 11 years of Planning Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning experience including in disaster response. I am very passionate about this subject and I am interested in sharing my little experience and thoughts.

I am also highly experienced in Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) which I combine with MEA&L and Project Programme Planning (PPP) to try my best to have community expectations reflected in planning and MEA&L frameworks and/or plans.

You can get in touch is this is close to what you are looking for.

My email is 

Try People In Need, they cooperate with big donors eg in Afghanistan. Try eg

Hi Everyone-

Thank you for the responses and the interest. 

I am facilitating a Community of Practice of corporate funders that meets quarterly to discuss monitoring and evaluation topics related to the philanthropic and community social engagement work they do. The group is currently wanting to learn how to better support disaster relief efforts and how to be more effective in how they measure their efforts around this.

I am currently looking for someone that works within the disaster relief space to help share their perspective on:

  • How does your organization think about measuring the success/effectiveness of your disaster relief work?
  • What do you wish funders (especially corporate funders) knew about disaster relief work and about how they can more effectively engage in this work?
  • What should funders be considering in terms of how they measure their own role in disaster relief work (grants, corporate volunteerism, local office participation)?

We are looking for someone to join our next meeting (held by Zoom) on September 14th from 1-2pm Eastern. We are able to offer a small honorarium for participation. 

I particularly need someone that can speak to or understand the funder perspective. If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you, please send me an email at and we can discuss further details. 

Thank you for your consideration!

Lisa Frantzen

Hi Lisa,

I am interested and would appreciate more details. Cheers, IVAN.

Hi Liza,

I am Mr. Nashwan, President of EvalYemen organisation, which is a Voluntary Organisation for Professional Evaluation.

I am interested to join if applicable.

Hi Liza,

My name is Yury Zaytsev. Was working as the World Bank M&E Consultant. Recently I have contributed a Chapter on Humanitarian Aid to Palgrave Handbook on Sustainable Development.

If you are interested, can send my CV.


Dear Lisa, 

Any room for members to follow or join in this conversation even if one doesn't participate as full time speaker? This is interesting that such discussion has finally come out. I work in South Sudan doing M&E work for the last 10 years. 



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