Please check out a new Feminist Evaluation and Research book:

Feminist Evaluation and Research: Theory and Practice. Edited by Sharon Brisolara, Denise Seigart, and Saumitra SenGupta, published by Guilford Press. 2014.

"This thought-provoking book explores the 'whats,' 'whys,' and 'hows' of integrating feminist theory and methods into applied research and evaluation practice. Illustrative cases drawn from U.S. and international studies address a range of social and health issues. The book provides an overview of feminist theory and research strategies as well as detailed discussions of how to use a feminist lens, practical steps and challenges in implementation, and what feminist methods contribute to research and evaluation projects. Reflections at the close of each section invite the reader to consider key questions and common themes across the chapters. With a focus on social justice models, the book covers ways to conduct feminist research and evaluation in effective, innovative, and culturally competent ways in diverse social and cultural contexts."

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Hi Donna,

Thanks for sharing! Hope you are well.



Great! One of several ways of increasing knowledge is by sharing. Thanks for sharing this.


Thanks for sharing this insightful brief on the book. It is addressing an important issue. Please, how can one get the book?


Hi Donna,

Congratulations for your new book! María Bustelo and I bought it by Amazon and we are looking forward to receiving it.

Are you going to the next EES Conference in Dublin? We really like sharing with you ideas and experiences from a transformative gender perspective or feminist approach.

Warm regards from Seville,


Hi Donna,

Thank you so much for your book. That's the way of 'Sharing our knowledge'.

Please keep in touch.

Hi Rituu,

Thanks are due to you for sharing this with us.



Congratulations to the editors! This book is responding to high demand from our evaluation community for better ways of approaching gender differences, culture, and inequality in evaluations. Thank you for this important contribution.


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