The practice of Feminist Evaluation

The volume deepens understanding on the theory and practice of feminist evaluation highlighting the importance and relevance of connectedness while intervening the inequitable systems & social norms. Authors : Rajib Nandi & Ratna M. Sudarshan 

Dear Friends,

I wanted to let you know about a new international association of for gender practitioners, feminist academics and activists. The Society of Gender Professionals (SGP) is dedicated to promoting feminist action and applied research, and raising the profile of gender expertise around the world. Membership is still free and already has attracted over 1500 members working all over the world. You join directly from the website, the get involved via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The next virtual membership meeting will be in October 2018. We'd love to see members from Gender and Evaluation getting involved and sharing expertise with other gender professionals (and have encouraged our members to join also join the Gender and Evaluation group).


Kristy Kelly

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Dear Kristy.

As a member of this COP and co-chair of the global partnership EvalGender+ I would like to extend a warm welcome, and congratulations. Karine Lepillez, one of the founders, and I were once co-chairs of the Femnist Issues in Evaluation TIG under AEA. I am delighted that it has come full circle and we are engaging again, and hopefully our voices will be so much stronger in developing and using evidence to advance gender equality, feminist principles and social inclusion.

Regards, and welcome!


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