Webinar: Can Outcome Harvesting be used to assess Value for Money?

Webinar: Can Outcome Harvesting be used to assess Value for Money?

Date: 12th December 2018

Time: 11 -12.30 GMT

Location: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/224415317

Organizers: Chair: Helene Bach, PME Coordinator, ActionAid Denmark https://www.ms.dk/en Speaker: Francesca D’Emidio, Freelance Consultant, www.obconsulting.co

Format of the event: 30min presentation on the experience of using a readapted OH approach to assess a programme’s Value for Money followed by a discussion

Programmes and organizations are increasingly required to demonstrate whether they are Value for Money (VfM) by showing if they are maximizing the impact of each pound spent to improve poor people’s lives (DFID’ Approach to Value for Money, 2011). This has been accompanied by significant (and justifiable) debate across the sector. Most organizations are demonstrating VfM by showing how they balance of the renowned 4Es (Economy, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy). However, the UK’s Independent Commission of Aid Impact’s (ICAI) recent review of DFID’s Approach to VfM recommended revising how this VfM approach addresses adaptive management and development effectiveness principles, such as the empowerment of beneficiaries, among other things.

Could Outcome Harvesting (OH) address these points? Could OH make VfM analysis a meaningful exercise that can help organizations generate learning to adapt their programmes and, ultimately, maximize their impact? In this session, we will discuss whether the OH methodology can be used and adapted to assess VfM. We invite OH experts to debate whether the OH steps would allow to bring into the discussion programmes investments and whether this way of looking at VfM is fit for purpose. We will present a framework, developed in ActionAid with the support of Daniel Buckles (SAS2 Dialogue), where VfM becomes a participatory tool where women and men engaged in development projects reflect on the outcomes harvested relating them to the key investments to enable programmes to adapt and maximise impact.

Speaker: Francesca D’Emidio is a freelance consultant supporting INGOs with the development of Value for Money and Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks and is an Associate Trainer for BOND, delivering the training ‘Putting Value for Money into Practice’ . Formerly, she was a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor for ActionAid's International Secretariat supporting the design and implementation of ActionAid's Monitoring and Evaluation approach and leading a pilot project on Value for Money funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). She spent most of the early years of her career in Latin America working for a variety organizations including the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Save the Children, ACRA and others in Argentina, Dominican Republic, Honduras. For more information, visit www.obconsulting.co Francesca D'Emidio Independent Consultant Planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning Out of the Box Consulting www.obconsulting.co Skype: francesca.demidio.aais Twitter: @frandemidio Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/francesca-d-emidio-87260039/ Email: francesca@obconsulting.co

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