Gender a word which defines many thoughts regarding male & female. We define them more extensively on our ways. An individual defines it on his way, a group defines it on its way and society defines it on many ways. Today I am discussing a view and real incident regarding Gender Discrimination in our society. On an average near about 48% women are being harassed by women and rest by men. A recent incident become in our organisation; a girl named with Nazia admitted in our child care home with physical disability. She met with an accident in the age of 13. Her family members refused her after this incident when she should need medical treatment to be self dependency but that treatment was not done by her family member only because of gender discrimination and therefore she is in this bad bed redder.  Their all family members (Brother) did not care for her at once. That was the time when she realized that to be a women is such a curse on human being. “Why am I living on this earth” that kind of thoughts started to come in her mind. But one ray was there which was creating a way for her to live life happily. One of them her elder brother become in our Organisation and admitted her for a better treatment and care. A little bit but a positive atmosphere of organisation changes her mindset and encourage her for living. She is unable to do his daily routine activity; but during this problem she is happy without any relative. That is the main reason of disability of thoughts in our society. Till today she did not have any share for her family property only because of her to be a “Girl”. Is it not gender discrimination?


“When sun rises with a lot of new rays so why not human being reflect a lot of new rays of hope and change amongst this blind society. What do you say????”


Now this is the time where we need to think regarding this kind of discrimination and need to evaluate through Gender Evaluation.


Thanks with Regards

Sunil Sehgal


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Comment by Sunil Sehgal on April 10, 2013 at 8:18

Thanks Ratna Ji for your comment. We are just trying to evaluate the different ways regarding gender....


Sunil Sehgal 

Comment by Ratna Mangala Sudarshan on April 9, 2013 at 16:53
Thanks for sharing, yes agree that evaluations need to draw out such experiences and the different ways in which people in need can begin to change their situation.

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