Conducting an independent evaluation of public policies: Steps and approaches from life-experience

Conducting an independent evaluation of public policies: Approaches and tools from evaluation-life experience  (WS-2), workshop session delivered to participants in Kathmandu (Nepal), 24/11/2016.

To date, various public and private organizations are still struggling to get an independent evaluation of the impact of their interventions. The technical capacity of staff and other evaluation practitioners is one of the main weaknesses. This workshop provided a strategic and simplified approach for inception and evaluation design. Participants were familiarized in the development process of an inception and the completion of an independent evaluation which should address the key determinants of the evaluation development by discussing the importance of ethics in evaluation, evaluation matrix, data collection methods, data analysis, reporting scenario and communication, work-plan and quality assurance. Group work provided an interactive environment to participants in a process of mutual learning. Particular attention will be paid to the experience participants.

The learning objective was to provide specific technique on the development process of an inception phase and implementing an independent evaluation. 

The target group was beginners to intermediate from all fields of development profile. Some basic skills required included some knowledge of participatory approaches, Monitoring and evaluation, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and 2-5 year experience.  


[Former President, African Evaluation Association (AfrEA)]

Yaounde – Cameroon.

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Comment by Rituu B Nanda on April 17, 2016 at 15:27

I appreciate your post very much Serge!! We can't be at all events and when members who attend conferences share it is valuable for us.  Just one question- one memorable thing from this session? 

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